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Seven SEO Business Tips

Seven SEO Business Tips 1. Onsite SEO is Necessary But Not Sufficient Optimising title tags, site structure and load-speed are the most important. Hire someone to run an assessment and tune up the site. Don’t spend too much time here, get it complete and then move on. 2. Website Content & Experience Are Critical Your website […]

ATO’s Audit Targets

ATO’s Audit Targets Data Matching is one of the main methods the ATO uses in detecting risks areas and cases of errors in tax returns. Where a Tax File Number (TFN) is reported – for bank accounts, employment and superannuation funds – the ATO can match the data received from banks, employers and super funds […]

What to do if your company hits rock bottom

What to do if your company hits rock bottom Stan Gordon the CEO of Franchised Food company tells his story of success. After hitting rock bottom in his pie shop business in Australia, that was successful in South Africa, Stan had lost hope and was unemployed for 4 years. He states that if it was […]