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Top Time Saving Tips For Reckon

Top Time Saving Tips For Reckon Having a great accounting software is not only key to your business requirements, allowing you to create Purchase Orders, Invoices and Receive Payments. Really knowing your software will increase satisfaction with your software, but boost productivity. 1. Memorised Reports If you find yourself repeating the same steps over and […]

Tips for getting your BAS right

Tips for getting your BAS right Some businesses make common mistakes, others don’t provide current information and others don’t take advantage of viable time management options. Here is five tips to help you save time and get things correct:- Lodge all your outstanding activity statements Fill in the contact telephone number and name of the […]

Common Mistakes businesses make on their BAS

Common Mistakes businesses make on their BAS To help you get your BAS right the first time, the ATO have identified common GST mistakes made by small businesses. By avoiding common mistakes, you’ll save time and money and help ensure your refund is processed quickly. Here’s a list of things to look for before you […]

Can you access your super fund for medical procedures?

Can you access your super fund for medical procedures? Please note-  The following relates to a newspaper article that appeared recently in a national newspaper and was then subsequently picked up by national TV and radio.  As it concerns a taxpayer withdrawing all of her $30,000 balance from her superannuation fund for weight loss, a […]

Property developers

Property developers A recent case before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) involved a taxpayer who  tried to argue that profit from the sale of two properties should be treated as a capital gain (meaning they would get the 50% CGT discount), even though they had originally acquired the land for the purpose of developing it […]

ATO’s audit targets

ATO’s audit targets The ATO has set up a new page on its website called “Building confidence”, which talks about its current compliance activities, and the amounts of tax and penalties it has collected in 2014 from its various initiatives. Some of the areas that the ATO has stated it will be focusing on are: […]

Inappropriate loans from super funds

Inappropriate loans from super funds The ATO has issued a guide for trustees of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) that asks: “Has someone asked you to invest your SMSF funds into a trust, company or investment product, and then offered to lend some or all of that money back to you, your company or any entity […]

Contractor payments data matching program

Contractor payments data matching program The ATO has announced that it will continue to acquire details of entities that receive contractor payments from other businesses for the 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16 financial years. The data that will be obtained includes: *      Australian Business Number (ABN) of the payer business; *      ABN […]

ATO Receipt Requirements

ATO Receipt Requirements The ATO requires you to keep records for a minimum of five years.  The records you are required to keep and have accessible upon request are: Invoices and receipts you provide for sales or services rendered by your business. Invoices for goods, services or other business acquisitions purchased for your business. Records […]

Xero Invoicing Tips

 Xero Invoicing Tips A key issue in managing your cash flow is getting paid by your customers as quickly as possible. Since most businesses don’t get paid upfront in cash and rely on issuing invoices to customers, it’s really important to speed up the time to get your invoices paid ASAP. In the current economy […]

How to Market your Business on Facebook

How to Market your Business on Facebook Want to know how to Market your Business on Facebook? To market your business successfully you need to understand Facebook’s uniqueness and how it differs from other social media. Don’t use the hard sell on your page Have clear goals Have a clear strategy post regularly Encourage comments Use […]

Social Media “don’ts”

Some Social Media “Dont’s” That relate to all forms of the current day trends. DON’T: Cuss: Swearing is trashy and it will be hard for people to take you seriously. Fight: If a customer is providing you constructive feedback, acknowledge them and take the conversation offline (private message them and get their contact info or […]

Our Recruitment Services

Our Recruitment Services We specialise in the recruitment of permanent and contract positions to the Accounting, Finance and Administration sectors. We also recruit across a range of sectors including customer service, stores and labouring, hospitality, HR, IT, marketing, manufacturing, engineering and mining. Our team are not just recruiters; we are first and foremost business managers […]

Have you been affected by the flood?

Have you been affected by the flood? The team at Bottrell Business Consultants hope that you and your family, homes and businesses are safe and are minimally affected. If you have been affected we ask that you remember to follow these steps:- Take a photo of your destroyed tax records- ie receipts & invoices Review […]