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Indra K Nooyi

Indra K Nooyi and Personal Importance Modesty can be damaging when it comes to business and too many people believe that they need to play a role that is not true to the way they really are. This is not the case as this is not you being successful, but a parody of you gaining […]

About Christine Mcletchie

About Christine Mcletchie I commenced working at Bottrell Business Consultants in February 2014 as an Accountant specialising in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. I have completed my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Newcastle graduating in 2012. Making the move to East Maitland to expand on my knowledge of small businesses and assist in the start-up and continuation of these and […]

About Adell Groth

About Adell Groth I joined the Bottrell team at the beginning of 2015 as an Intermediate Accountant. After several years of experience in the accounting industry I have a passion for specialising in small business accounting and personal taxation. I  have grown up in Newcastle, participated in local sporting teams for over 10 years and is also studying my Bachelor […]

About Rob Auer

About Rob Auer I have worked in tax agent practices for the last 8 years. Prior to I have worked in accounts departments for large corporations. I am passionate about Self Managed Superannuation and investments and with this interest in SMSF I will soon to complete my RG146 qualifications so I can provide limited advice in the SMSF environment. I […]

About Aiden Moore

About Aiden Moore My name is Aiden Moore and I am 19 years old from  Charlestown in Newcastle. I am currently a first year university student, studying a bachelor of commerce at the university of Newcastle.Recently, I  joined the Bottrell team as a trainee, and this is my first experience of working in a full time position. […]

About Enesa Rosic

About Enesa Rosic My name is Enesa Rosic, I am 26, and am the companies recruitment assistant. I  have been employed by Bottrell business consultant since May, 2015 and in this time I have really enjoyed working in the office. During my time working at Bottrell’s I have also been completing my bachelor degree in social science […]

About Melesande Carrington

About Melesande Carrington Hi Everyone! My name is Melesande- but I prefer Mel!  I joined the growing Bottrell team this year, bringing my passion for customer service and enthusiasm for getting the job done with me! I  born in the small town of Halifax, Nova Scotia, but the beautiful city of Newcastle is now where I feel at […]

About Joshua Ryan

About Joshua Ryan Hi There! My name is Joshua Ryan and I am 20 years old and I attended St Mary’s High in Maitland completing my HSC in 2012. I am currently studying a combined law and commerce degree at the University of Newcastle, where I am in my 3rd year. I began working at Bottrell Business […]

About Elizabeth Anschau

 About Elizabeth Anschau  Hi! My name is Elizabeth Anshau and I am 21 years old. I have been a part of the Bottrell administration team for nearly three months and I absolutely love being apart of this team. After starting a Bachelor of Social Science at Newcastle University I decided a change in direction was best- and […]

What makes people share?

There is a science behind what makes people share and as social media success really does rely on people sharing your content, it’s important to create the right type of content. There is a simply great book on the subject called Contagious: Why Things Catch on by Jonah Berger. Berger is a Wharton professor and […]

Get a content plan

Content, or what information you choose to share from around the web or your own work, is what will make your efforts succeed: no-one wants to read uninteresting articles. Brainstorm with your colleagues and anyone else you wish to get involved, and make a list of the useful websites that always great content on your […]

Forming the social media team

A common mistake is fora  company to see who has a bit of bandwidth, or who is under less pressure than the rest of the team, and is therefore presumed to have the time to set up your social media sites. That can very often be the receptionist. Now although your receptionist may be fantastic […]

Who is my target market?

In order to determine your target market, ask questions about who you want to communicate with: Who is your target market? What are the characteristics of the market? What is their biggest problem, need or desire? If you know your business well enough, these should be easy enough to answer. Beware here: what you think […]

Get an effective social media plan together

If you don’t spend a little time making a social media plan, you will more than likely end up attacking it from all angles and your success may be limited, which will only make you feel like the whole thing was a waste of time. If you really hate writing plans, you don’t need to […]

Creating a SWOT analysis

An element to consider adding when developing a business plan is the good old-fashioned SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), which, although it has been around a long time, is still a very effective and easy-to-use tool. By making a list of the four headings, and asking the questions of your business, you will end […]