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Benefits of a Business Consultant

Ever wondered if your business could be performing better but not sure how to get there? You need a business consultant! Too few business owners reap the rewards of having a team of skilled accountants and business consultants helping them grow their business. Here’s some of the reasons why you need you a business consultant! [...]

Time To Update Your Website

Don't forget about that website you had made years ago, it represents your business! Here's 4 reasons outlining why you need to update your website! The Information is Outdated Businesses are often in a constant state of change, we like to see them successful and growing, however, during this time your website can often get [...]

Colours, Psychology and Marketing

It might seem juvenile, but colours can have a massive effect on how well your brand and products perform. Picking the right colours, shades and gradients can be the difference between a customer buying your product instead of a competitor’s – it comes down to psychology. We’ve provided a list of some common colours and [...]

Free Yearly Income Tracker

With so many applications, documents and people involved in your businesses sales and finances, sometimes simply tracking your income can be a huge task involving equations you haven’t used since high school. Meet our Yearly Income Tracker! We’ve made tracking your income simple with our free, printable income tracker. Simply download and print, then record [...]

Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Is it time to consider Pinterest as a marketing tool for your business? Pinterest is a platform that enables you to save weblinks, effectively keeping them organised into categories and in the one place for future reference. Whether it be a DIY gift, recipe or a product you wish to purchase, Pinterest allows you to [...]

Snapchat Update – The New Search Bar

With a forthcoming Snapchat update, SnapChat users’ lives are about to get easier with a new search bar that hopes to make it easier to find content and friends profiles for quicker messaging. So far. This new feature has already arrived with a limited number of Android users, however in the coming days it will [...]

Ted Talks for the Aspiring Entrepreneur

Ted Talks for the Aspiring Entrepreneur Jim Hemerling - 5 ways to lead in an era of constant change [13:21] Martin Reeves - How to build a business that lasts 100 years [14:54] Ricardo Semler - How to run a company with (almost) no rules [21:24] Gary Vaynerchuk - Do what you love (no excuses!) [...]

Use Payment Refs – Cloud Tips

#cloudtip: How to add an account from transactions add-accounts-from-transactions Payment Refs! You can add Chart of Account codes ‘on the fly’, while entering invoices or bills, the first entry in the drop-down box is ‘Add a new account’. Alternatively, for journals, Receive/Spend Money transactions, select ‘+Add’ next to the Account field. To find out more [...]

Search For Contacts When Entering Transactions

#cloudtip: Search for contacts when entering transacations search-contacts Use Xero's advanced contact search when you're entering transactions. Simply enter at least 3 key letters of your contact's name. For example, if you want to find one of your taxi contacts, enter 'taxi' and all your contacts containing taxi in their name appear. You can also [...]

Quick Xero Login – Cloud Tips

#cloudtip: How to speed up your xero login quick-login To speed up logging into Xero by only having to enter a password, replace the upper case characters with your Xero login address, then save as a browser or desktop bookmark. To find out more about Xero and how it can help your business, contact [...]

Forgetting To Include Cash Sales And Purchases

#cloudtip: Forgetting to include all cash sales and purchases forgetting-to-include-cash Forgetting to include cash sales and purchases. You can get into a lot of trouble if you discount the GST when receiving payments by cash. The ATO has a sophisticated process of cross-matching data, especially in the building and construction industry where business owners are [...]