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5 Great Apps For Entrepreneurs

We check our phones about 85 times a day. Chances are, you’re reading this on one right now – or it won’t be long till you check it again. A staggering 70% of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. This ‘smartphone addiction’ gets bad press these days. For any small business owners, rather than a distraction, the [...]

Mobile Technology in a Modern Business

Claire Mackay is nationally recognised as one of Australia’s pre-eminent financial planners. She is passionate about improving financial literacy for all Australians. Dean is a green-star certified, licensed carpenter and builder – with a green conscience. They met to discuss mobile technology in a modern business for an upcoming podcasts as part of xero's beautiful business [...]

Is Salary Packaging Right for You?

Salary packaging Get more from your salary Salary packaging or salary sacrificing in Australia reduces your taxable income and so reduces the amount of income tax you pay. Find out how it works and what can be packaged. What is salary packaging / salary sacrifice? Salary packaging (also known as salary sacrifice) is an arrangement [...]