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The latest business model – because sharing is caring

With help from the Internet, the latest business model is quietly turning millions of ‘average Joes’ into successful entrepreneurs and business moguls. * Uber is connecting riders with drivers through apps. * Airbnb is connecting hosts with travelers looking for a place to sleep through their website. * Zopa is connecting lenders with borrowers through […]

Getting your bills paid on time

Running your own business can be extremely rewarding, however there will always be times when it will be quite the opposite. Depending on the business, many factors will determine the success or failure of a small enterprise – the most common being cash flow. Outlined below are three very simple solutions to cash flow problems […]

Employee or Contractor? There is a difference

I can understand that during difficult economic times, business owners search for ways to reduce their costs and outgoings but when those decisions detrimentally affect others, that’s when I get cranky. Recently I had a phone call from a client who had been retrenched six months ago. Although this man is very skilled and talented, […]

Uncovering the Benefits Legal Firms Will Reap in Adopting Social Media Marketing Strategies

The modern trends in today’s technological age can sometimes make us confused and overwhelmed. Social media, being one of it, however, isn’t just a fad. In fact, it is increasingly becoming powerful. The main mover-and-shaker of this decade affecting all business industries is definitely social media. It appears that social media is here to stay […]

The Future of Large Law Firms and the Effect of New Disruptive Marketing in the Legal Industry

The profound changes happening in the global economy, the intensifying political-world uncertainties, the rising strength of the Asia-Pacific region, and the unstoppable metamorphosis of technology is undeniably disrupting how things work in the market. Advances in information technology and telecommunications are affecting the global market including the entire sectors, not sparing even the most tradition-bound […]

Mandatory Transition: The Pros and Cons of Electronic Conveyancing Software

New technologies are ever coming and ever changing making it necessary for industries to adapt the quickest way possible. Technological advances is steadily increasing if not, occurring exponentially giving it the impression of a revolutionary change. The legal sector is definitely not spared to these futuristic advancements. One of these new challenging advances is the […]

Legal Trust Accounting Software Packages in Australia that are Compliant with the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules (2015)

Undeniably, the legal practice has evolved that is why practitioners are leaving the traditional approach of working style in a law office. The majority of these people are vying for innovation in rendering legal services. An accurate accounting system is an example of a future-proof technology that is relevant for today’s business and client needs. [...]

Most Common Legal Firm Business Structure Types

When planning to put up a business, it is important to know first the various legal business structure types and their salient features. Researching about it will serve as a useful guide in choosing the right structure that is best suitable for your business needs and possible demands in the future.  It is worthy to […]

Charge-out Rate Calculators Can Simplify Computation of a Fair Yet Profitable Rate for Legal Firms

It’s an utmost importance for businesses which market services to be able to calculate a charge-out rate. Since providing services aren’t a tangible value propositions, pricing services are tad more challenging.  Arriving at a suitable price for charging legal services is a generally complex strategy especially for small or new firms. Setting of realistic charge-out […]