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Do you have a financial dream?

The end is just the beginning: finding the dream.  There is a lot more involved in creating financial independence than just investing.     Finding the dream  In a world of almost limitless possibilities and with new things constantly clamoring for attention, it can be surprisingly hard to decide on which dreams you want to […]

Protecting your estate

Have you got it all covered?  A grieving family knows only too well that the death of a loved one can trigger events that may drag on for years afterwards, especially when it comes to sorting out the estate of the deceased person. Outlined below are some suggestions that may help ease the burden on […]

Planning for the future

It’s all about having a choice  The key to life is living, not just working to retire, but there may come a time in your life when you want to change what you’ve been doing and either stop working completely or take a long holiday and work out what’s next.   To be able to have this […]

Managing Risk

Hitting an insurance home run Most people either cringe or yawn when the word insurance is mentioned but regardless of whether you find it scary or boring, managing risk is a necessity in the world in which we now live. Let’s cover all of the bases to help make your home run as easy as […]

The Magic of Compound Interest

The Magic of Compounding The secret ingredient of successful investing Forget about location, location, location being the key to a good investment outcome. For now, let’s think of the most important ingredient as being regular, regular, regular! A regular savings plan can turn small amounts of money into a sum that can take you closer […]

NSW 2020-21 State Budget Recap

The NSW State Government has today announced their 2020-21 budget which includes wins for both businesses and individuals.   The big announcement for individuals is the ‘Out & About’ voucher scheme which will see $100 worth of vouchers given to every NSW resident over 18 for use in the hospitality and entertainment sectors. The vouchers […]

Less Debt, More Savings

Less debt, more savings The word “thrifty” is rarely thought of in a positive sense but that’s not fair. If we continually spend more than we earn, our debts will eventually catch up and other words such as “default” or “bankrupt” might become more familiar. Being thrifty doesn’t mean doing without – quite the opposite. […]

Federal Budget 2020: Our Recap

On Tuesday night Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announced the 2020 Australian Federal Budget which included tax cuts, wage subsidies and a big focus on rebuilding the economy and creating jobs. There is new funding available to encourage employers to hire new apprentices and young people who are currently on job seeker as well as tax cuts […]

Australia’s $17.6 Billion Economic Stimulus Package: Everything We Know

The Morrison Government has today announced a $17.6 billion economic plan to keep Australians in jobs, keep businesses in business and support households and the Australian economy as the world deals with the significant challenges posed by the spread of the coronavirus. The key measures are highlighted below. Support for Businesses Asset Acquisitions & Depreciation […]