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Intertec TimePro Xero Add-on

Intertec TimePro gives you powerful cloud time management allowing you to track time and manage timesheets accurately and effectively. Tracking, submitting and authorizing staff timesheets is simple with TimePro and budget/cost and expense tracking lets you see quickly how actual figures compare to budgeted figures along with expense configuration options to suite your business. With […]

TidyStock Xero add-on

TidyStock is an efficient inventory management system that lets you easily purchase, store and sell your stock. With a wide range of features such as builk data CSV import/export, multiple location stock management and tracking and both managed and unmanaged stock management gives you a solid inventory management package to improve your business. If used […]

Quotient Xero Add-on

Quotient is an online quoting system that allows you to create, send and manage quotes and customers to accept quotes instantly and ask questions easily, all done from a web browser. By using Quotient, if you’re a business that use invoices or proposals during the sales process can easily send branded quotes. Furthermore, how many […]

Avoid Capital Gains Tax When Selling Property

If you invest in property, capital gains tax (CGT) will raise its head when you’re at your happiest – when you make a profit from the sale of a dwelling. But there are a couple of ways to make healthy profits from real estate and avoid paying CGT. These include extending or renovating your home […]

Home Office Expenses

When determining what items are tax deductible you may come across many costs that you are uncertain about. One of the deductions which may be in question is Home office expenses. Some of the expenses you can claim for your home office could include phone bills, office equipment (computers, printer and phone) and even cleaning […]

Reforming Administration of Tax Deductible Gift Recipients

The Government will reform the administration and oversight of organizations with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. The Minister for Revenue and Financial Services said, “These sensible reforms will enhance the role of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), strengthen governance arrangements, reduce administrative complexity and ensure continued trust and confidence in the sector.” Following […]

FG Receivables Manager Xero Add-on

FG Receivables Manager is software that helps you manage your receivables simply and effectively. With the ability to always check the health of your receivables, FG Receivables Manager gives you an overview of whose invoice is about to be due, who is late and what is current. All while eliminating notepads and spreadsheets, you are […]

Vistr Xero Add-on

Vistr is cash flow forecasting made easy. By replacing your spreadsheets, Vistr eliminates the need for data entry and complex formulas. This lets you simply know how cash you will have in the future, letting you plan effectively. Furthermore, Vistr gives you complete control, letting you adjust customer and supplier payments dates and see the […]

Satago Xero Add-on

Satago lets you take control of your accounts receivable so that you can improve your cash flows. Satago features: Automated customised invoice reminders The ability to determine credit risk of customers with easily accessible data such as the credit score, credit limit and Days Beyond Term Easy tracking of debtors with interactive reports Automated monthly […]

Re-Leased Xero Add-on

As property management software, Re-Leased gives you management for both commercial and residential property. Featuring an interactive dashboard, Re-Leased gives you full observation of your property portfolio utilising real-time data. Centralised document uploading gives you access to any key documents such as property and lease documents on any device, all while being stored securely in […]

DEAR Inventory Xero Add-on

DEAR Inventory is inventory management software that lets you manage all products, customers, suppliers, contacts, purchases and sales in one easy-to-use system. DEAR’s main features include: Purchasing – giving you access to purchasing history and costs, barcode scanning, reorder and backorder and upload of purchase orders Comprehensive sales process – featuring centralised order tracking, drop […]