Age Demographics and Social Media Platforms

They say age is just a number, but in the case of how effective your marketing efforts are, it can be the determining factor. Depending on the Social Media network, there is generally a key age demographic that holds the highest percentage – and highest influence – over that platform.

For your marketing campaigns to gain the greatest amount of traction, you must identify the age of those you wish to communicate with and where they ‘hang out.’ Today, the average person, no matter the age holds an account for more than one social media platform, so it’s within your best interests that your business does to. However, that’s not to stay that the techniques you use on one platform will have the same effect and reach on the other.
To specify and best cater to your customers’ needs its best to mix the appropriate strategy with most appropriate network as outlined below.


As the most popular of Social Media, Facebook holds the broadest range of ages, percentage wise. The top bracket is 25-34 year olds that holds 22%; with the next most popular being 35-44 at 19%; ages 45-54 at 18%; and 18-24 sits at 16%. Baring this in mind, businesses can begin to see that creating a language that speaks most accurately to the demographic that holds the most significant proportion, means a higher rate of success.

Facebook is best for reaching and developing your brand loyalty amongst your local community. The focus here should be outlining who you are, what you do and where you’re located. As opposed to some other networks, Facebook is the most detailed and informative of platforms and acts almost as an assistant website to your business that customers will fall across when they are in the process of researching and deciding if you can provide what they need.


A more creative edge network that is gaining traction and popularity amongst particularly young demographics is Instagram. This photo and video sharing platform is the most popular amongst 25-34 year olds at 26% and 18-24 at 23%. In terms of marketing on Instagram, businesses need to be more savvy in its communications with potential customers. The focus on visual imagery means that pitching to your audience is about having the most aesthetic, appealing and ‘hip’ image and caption to gain likes. This network is less to do with showing your customers what you can do and provide, but more to show what new trend they simply can’t live without.


Whilst many Social media networks are coming in and out of popularity, Twitter remains a constant for many people. The main objective of Twitter is interaction. With only 140 characters to work with, it’s less to do with informing customers and much more about relaying snips of information, videos or images. Twitter users can share or respond to tweets, making them feel that they are connected to and heard by the companies they follow. With over 313 Million active users, the largest age group on Twitter are high school students and people between the age of 18-29 at 37%. Twitter content needs to be specific and incising for its customer base, as well as active in its responses.

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