Back to your content plan

Back to your content plan

Your content plan is crucial to your page’s success, so spend the time to make it and actually use it.

You don’t need to write everything that you post on your wall: you simple don’t have the time to keep that up. Find resources on the web that are in line with your brand and that complement each other rather than compete against you. Think about the following:

  • What websites do you read regularly to keep about of your industry?
  • What site are there that perhaps do compete in your space, but are overseas and so not a local threat?
  • What other sites are local to you that you could help promote on your page and build a relationship with for referrals?
  • What sites complement your page? For example, wedding planners and wedding caterers.

Your content plan will pretty much make or break the success of your page. By not having a plan, you will find it very hard to keep being creative and get the right sort of content for your fans, meaning they may lose interest and go elsewhere.

By brainstorming with your team, you will not only get buy-in from them to ensure your page’s success, but many heads are better than one when it comes to thinking up ideas.

It is also a good idea for more than one person to update the page, so that sickness and holidays are covered and the page keeps up its momentum. If there is more than one person update the page, perhaps sign off your post with your firm name so your fans know how they are talking to when they comment, and you know who posted what from the company point of view.

Following are some content ideas of various industries.

  • Real estate. Listing all of your properties that are currently for sale is somewhat boring for your page visitor, who can see that information on the company website in most cases, so there’s no need to duplicate it. Interest as many people in your page as you can so that when it comes to their time to sell, your informative page is still on their radar. All they need to do then is get in touch. When people are looking to purchase a house, they may need extra information such as:
    • what to look for in the sale contract
    • where to find a good lawyer to handle the transaction
    • where to find a good reliable builder if there’s some work needing to be done
    • garden design
    • interior decorating
    • bargain properties
    • local surroundings – schools, amenities.
  • Garage mechanic. You may wonder what you could possible put on a mechanic’s page to appeal to a greater audience. One possibility would be to target it to female who want to keep their vehicles running smoothly themselves: you will probably have a captive audience if you get your message right. There are not many garages that are focused on helping women specifically. But if you are not a petrol-head, why would you become a fan or a garage page? How about if it had information on:
    • how to change a tyre
    • what warning signs to look out for, such as green brake fluid leaking
    • car reviews
    • open days
    • learning the trade
    • what different parts of the engine do
    • wet-weather car care
  • Accountant. This is another subject that could be brought to life to cover its many different aspects, if done well. Consider information on:
    • how to calculate how much money you should be putting away for your tax at the end of the year
    • keeping your business plan current
    • helping with cash flow
    • seminars (invite your fans and clients)
    • deciphering technical terms to make them easily understood
    • planning for selling your business
    • general business advice.
  • Retail shop. Your shop probably has a website, which will pretty much be an online brochure with opening times and contact details, and you may also have a shopping cart to allow you to sell online. So your Facebook page could be a great meeting place for discussion, depending on what you sell. Imaging you own a cycle shop, and your customers love hearing out in your shop to see what is new and discuss their last race and their upcoming events. They can now do it both in your shop and online. Cycling is a lifestyle choice and many rider are very passionate about it, so this gives you the change to capitalise on that passion even more. With a hobby such as cycling, you tend to have friends who are also heavily into cycling, so your fan page has the opportunity to really make use of the viral effect .Your page could include:
    • upcoming events
    • cycle maintenance
    • race reports
    • special offers
    • new product discussions
    • coaching tips
    • flash new cycle images
    • race video.
  • Vineyard. Now this would be an interesting page for quite a few people. Include:
    • how to grapes are grown
    • a video of wine being made
    • what makes a good wine
    • discussions on what makes a great flavour
    • special offers and open days
    • corporate tours
    • wine reviews.

In all of these examples you should also add interesting company news, photos of products or team members and video footage of products in action or being made if you manufacture something. The more interesting (and sometimes basic) the information, the better: you might know your industry or products welling, but your average visitor may not, so use the opportunity to educate at the same time.

Other things to add to your Facebook page could include links to articles on other websites that you think may be of interest, although the danger in doing this is that your visitors may not come back to your own site, so they might not see the rest of what you have to offer. On the other hand, they may come back more frequently because you have a balanced offering of other people’s work on the same or a similar topic that is as interesting as your own. Find the balance between what suits your business and what your fans want. You could even try asking them.

When you do post something to share with your audience, always add a call to action. For example, ask a question or make a statement and add on the end ‘we would love to hear your comments’ or click “like” if you agree’. That way, people know you want them to do something, and generally they will if it takes only a second or two.

With all of that in mind, consider what resources you could marry up with to make your page an even greater source of information for your visitor.

Ref: Marketing with Social Media: 10 Easy Steps to Success for Business, Linda Coles (2015)

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