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Motor Vehicle Claim

Motor Vehicle Claim In personal tax returns, there are several ways of claiming a tax deduction for work related travel.   Firstly, the ATO allows a cents per kilometre claim […]

Six questions start-ups must ask

6.    Six questions start-ups must ask Starting a business is difficult. Risk is a big part of any enterprise, and answering these six questions may assist mitigating this risk. 1. […]

Breakable rules in business

4. Breakable rules in business 1. Reduce focus on search engine marketing Focus on your customer and product and the searches will come.   2. Launch your product flaws and […]

Car sales dip blamed on FBT

2. Car sales dip blamed on FBT The automotive sector is blaming uncertainty around the previous government’s plans for the FBT compliance regime for a 3.1% decline in vehicle sales […]

Bank deposit tax deferred

Bank deposit tax deferred The government has deferred an earlier pledge to adopt a tax on bank deposits and will refer the proposal to the broader inquiry into the financial […]

ATO Outsourcing Tax Checks

ATO Outsourcing Tax Checks The ATO will soon be allowing corporate auditors to check their client’s accounts on behalf of the ATO as a pilot program for the outsourcing of […]

Beer prices rising

Beer prices rising The twice-a-year jump in the excise on beer could cause a deep wedge between Australian drinkers and their favourite drink, forcing shoppers to look for cheaper alternatives. […]

Christmas Marketing Techniques

Christmas Marketing Techniques Using digital channels to create and deepen customer relationships should be at the top of your agenda as you seek to maximise revenue potential over the months […]

Rental Property allowable deductions

Rental Property allowable deductions There is a long list of expenses that are rental property allowable deductions for the purposes.   These include: Advertising for tenants, Bank charges, Council rates, […]

Debt & Equity

Debt & Equity The New Business Tax System (Debt and Equity) Act 2001 determines what is equity in a company and what is debt in an entity for tax purposes […]

Tax Rules for Contractors

Tax Rules for Contractors There are special tax rules for independent contractors to ensure that you do not use business structures to avoid your income tax obligations. You may also […]


Consolidation The Commonwealth Government introduced consolidation to reduce compliance costs for business, remove impediments to the most efficient business structures and improve the integrity of the tax system. Consolidation allows […]

What is Capital Gains Tax?

What is Capital Gains Tax? Capital gains tax (CGT) is the tax you pay on a capital gain. It is not a separate tax, just part of your income tax. […]