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The Most Effective Modern-Day Marketing

While there is no argument that social media marketing is the most cost-effective marketing form in the modern world – there can be a huge case made for it not being the easiest thing to master. Unfortunately, there are a lot of self-appointed ‘experts’ out there. However, many of these ‘experts’ have never actually even ran a Facebook campaign! The Bottrell Media team have perfected just about every social media platform available, as well as the given ad’s that come along for the ride.

What can we do?


Our social media team is based in Newcastle and East Maitland, and can help you increase your presence and engagement on social media. Increasing both these metrics, allows you to achieve your business goals through creative and effective campaigns and branding. We can help you create and improve your social media connections, ensuring that your business generates the best reach and exposure it can. Additionally, we offer social media management plans that are tailored to your business, to fit your expectations and budget.

Facebook Advertising

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

You’re not alone! Facebook Advertising is hard and time consuming. However, implemented correctly, it is by far the best value for money form of modern-day marketing (for most goals)! For as much as a few dollars, you can reach and engage with thousands of potential customers.

Focus on the important things, and leave Facebook Advertising for your business to us!

  • Dozens of Targeting Options
  • Years of Experience
  • Minimal Cost Per Click
  • Custom Post Design
  • Cross-Posting
  • Instagram + Facebook


Set & Forget.. It’s That Simple

Let us manage your social media, from Instagram to YouTube!

Creating awesome and eye-appealing posts for your social media platforms can be a time consuming and tedious process. Additionally, there are so many written, and non-written rules for when and how you post on each social media channel. Getting your head around all the rules can be difficult. Posting the wrong content can diminish how effective your business is on social media. That’s why we offer a social media management solution for all businesses. We are able to create appealing content for each of your social media channels. Additionally, we can set-up and manage any extra channels you are not yet utilising, which we believe could ultimately benefit your business. Creating awesome content just became so much easier!

Articles are a great form of marketing that can bring a enormous amount of brand awareness. Whether the article be through your website (as a blog), through another website, or through paper (newspaper or magazine). Our team will create compelling articles that reflect positively on your business. With our social media management packages, we supply the option for articles to be written, which can be forwarded to relevant bloggers, or submitted as press releases.

We don’t say set and forget for nothing. Our team works to create awesome content, whether that be through posts or articles, and then utilising our system, we schedule the content to be automatically posted at the optimal time. This differs for each platform, and our system recognises this and act accordingly. We ensure your posts and articles are seen by the most people at the right time, maximising engagement and impressions.

Our team has spent a fair bit time hanging out on social media (probably too much, oops!) – so it isn’t far fetched to say we have learnt a trick or two on growing your presence on social media. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo or even a platform like Linkedin, we have tricks of the trade which we can integrate into your day-to-day management. We might even let you in on some of the secrets to try out for yourself!