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Social Media

Do you have a fantastic business that simply lacks exposure? Do you want to increase your presence in the market and achieve greater success in sales and profits?

At Bottrell Business Consultants we have a team of Social Media experts that can help you achieve these goals and have your business performing at its best!

Here’s why you should use our Social Media Team;

  • To keep your business’s social media posts current
  • To create posts that recur on a regular basis
  • To increase your social networking connections
  • To benefit from our professional database of networking connections
  • To increase your following and presence on all social media
  • To promote your products, services and business name amongst your network
  • To have our team of professionals provide support and guidance in marketing your business
  • To have our team manage your social media accounts so you have more free time to grow your business

We offer assistance and training for the following services;


  • Establishment & Management of Social Media Pages including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Much More..
  • Establishment & Management of Google Plus & Google Maps Pages
  • Establishment & Management of Multiple Online Directory Listings
  • Establishment & Management of Regular MailChimp Business Newsletters
  • Management of all Social Media Connection Requests to determine genuine enquiries

We provide quotes tailored to your business needs, which will differ depending on what services suit your business and what results you would like to achieve.


If you would like to know more about how our Social Media Team can assist you, please contact us on 1300 788 491 or contact-us