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Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Marketing Strategies for Small Business: Hints and Tips   Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business, big or small. It helps in creating awareness about your brand and reaching out to potential customers. For small businesses, marketing can be a challenge due to budget constraints and limited resources. However, with the right marketing strategies, […]

Mobile Technology in a Modern Business

Claire Mackay is nationally recognised as one of Australia’s pre-eminent financial planners. She is passionate about improving financial literacy for all Australians. Dean is a green-star certified, licensed carpenter and builder – with a green conscience. They met to discuss mobile technology in a modern business for an upcoming podcasts as part of xero's beautiful business [...]

Top 2 Apps to Save Money

We have compiled the top 2 Apps to help you Save Money for everyday living. 1. Pocketbook Personal Finance Expense Tracker This Australian-grown app syncs easily with your all your financial needs including bank accounts, credit cards and loans. Pocketbook categorises more than 80% of your transactions after it searches for your regular payments such as [...]

Social Media Business Training

Struggling to advertise your Business online? We've got you covered! We specialse in the following for Facebook advertising: Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses Learn how to craft a social media marketing strategy for your small business.  Create a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account to listen to customers and drive traffic and sales. Personal Branding [...]

Google GO! What is it?

Google Go makes discovering, exploring, and sharing the best of the web easy and fast. Get answers quickly and reliably with Google Go, even on slow connections and smartphones with low space. At 5MB in size, it’s speedy to download and get started. A new app, named Google Go, has been launched to give the unified [...]

Geofilter Update From Snapchat!

Design a Custom Geofilter from Your Phone! Each day, Snapchatters submit tens of thousands of Geofilter designs for their engagements and weddings, parties, vacations, graduations, and so much more. Starting today, we’re making it easier to design a custom Snapchat filter! Snapchatters can now create filters right in the Snapchat app, and customize them with [...]

The Fidget Spinner & Viral Marketing

The Fidget Spinner & Viral Marketing Haven't heard of a Fidget Spinner? Crawl out of your hole and simply look down the main road of your city. Kids, even adults, are going crazy for the viral trend that is Fidget Spinners. First marketed as a calming tool for children with nervous energy, adults soon picked [...]

Are You A Twitter Fanatic?

Bloomberg & Twitter are pairing up to give you a 24/7 new feed Twitter is pushing deeper into live video and news with the launch of a round-the-clock streaming service in partnership with Bloomberg. The news stream, details of which will be announced on Monday, is likely to launch in the fall, the Wall Street [...]

New $7.30 ‘broadband tax’ every month

Customers of NBN competitors will cop a new $7.30 'broadband tax' every month The consumer watchdog has decided customers that receive superfast fibre broadband sourced from outside the NBN will be slugged a tax to help coverage in regional Australia. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on Friday handed down its final decision on the [...]