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Have you been affected by the flood?

Have you been affected by the flood?

The team at Bottrell Business Consultants hope that you and your family, homes and businesses are safe and are minimally affected.

If you have been affected we ask that you remember to follow these steps:-

  1. Take a photo of your destroyed tax records- ie receipts & invoices
  2. Review and write off your damaged stock
  3. Review and write off your plant & equipment
  4. Lodge your insurance claim
  5. Take photos of your affected areas for insurance and tax purposes
  6. Take a backup of your computer programs and keep with you.

Please stay safe!

Lost or destroyed records- The ATO

There may be time when your records are accidentally lost or destroyed – for example, if your home is burgled or burnt.

In these instances, we can allow you to claim a deduction for certain expenses if eitherof the following apply:

  • you have a complete copy of a lost or destroyed document
  • we are satisfied that you took reasonable precautions to prevent the loss or destruction and, if the document was written evidence, it is not reasonably possible to obtain a substitute document.

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