Saasu is everything you need to run your business from anywhere. It’s time to make owning a business easy and rewarding again.

Saasu allows you to  view at a click of a button:-

  • DASHBOARD: See bank balances, sales and upcoming payments.
  • GENERAL LEDGER: The backbone of your accounting records.
  • JUMP GLOBAL SEARCH: Type nearly anything and JUMP finds it in a snap.
  • ONLINE INVOICE PAYMENTS: Accept online credit card payments from customers [1]
  • AUTO-UPDATES: You’re on the latest version and newest features.
  • MOBILE ACCESS: Use Saasu on your phone browser, tablet or laptop.
  • IMPORTING TOOLS: Upload existing spreadsheets or accounting files.
  • IMPORT MAPPING: Customise the information you import into Saasu.
  • EXPORT TOOLS: don’t feel locked in, you can leave at any time.


This program easily allows you to create personalised invoices, with or without accompanying payments, all from the same screen. You can start with Sales Opportunities and Estimates, and progress them to Orders and Sales.  With Saasu online and mobile payments you get an easy way to provide credit card and/or PayPal payment options to your customers.

Saasu allows you to  view at a click of a button:-

  • RECEIVABLES: Track money owed by customers.
  • RECURRING: Automatically invoice your regular customers.
  • AUTOMATIC STATEMENTS: Schedule and send statements automatically.
  • SALES OPPORTUNITIES: Create sales opportunities which affect cash flow forecasts.
  • QUOTES: Prepare and send quotes on-site, or as soon as opportunity.
  • SALES ORDERS: Issue sales and purchase orders internally and to customers.
  • CREDIT/ADJUSTMENT NOTES: Refunds and credits against account balances.
  • OVERDUE ALERTS: Schedule statement reminders to overdue accounts.
  • UPLOAD YOUR LOGO: Create a professional image with branded stationery.
  • CUSTOMISE: Create beautifully designed invoices and statements capturing your brand.
  • MERGE FIELDS: Put the information you want on your invoices.
  • OUTSTANDING INVOICES: Email or mail a simple list of invoices your customer has unpaid.
  • DROP SHIP: Automatically create a Purchase from a Sales order just created.


You can easily monitor expenses:-

  • PAYABLES: Track money you owe your suppliers and staff
  • RECURRING PURCHASES: Automatically create invoices for your regular purchases
  • PAYABLES: Track money you owe your suppliers and staff
  • COMMISSION/REFERRAL: Affiliate and Recipient Created Tax Invoices

Other products and focus areas of Saasu:-

  • Bank Feeds
  • Cashflow Forecaster
  • Inventory
  • Payroll
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Reporting and insights
  • Address Book
  • Customer Database
  • Marketing
  • Add on availability
  • Training
  • Backups
  • Security
  • Multiple users

For more advice on Saasu, please call our expert team on 02 4933 6888.




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