How You Can Use Instagram In The Hospitality Industry

3 Ways The Hospitality Industry Use Instagram

So you have seen Instagram before, thought about doing it or didn’t know how to get your customers involved? Here are 3 ways you can get your Instagram profile noticed, you can reach more people in your area and also create strong customer relationships.

 1. Use your Destination on Instagram to promote your business by hosting a contest with a prize that entices the community to get involved!

For example:

Launching a contest that encourages entrants to visually depict what your town/city means to them. Users are required to follow your Instagram page, upload an original photograph and hashtag the chosen promotional hashtag. Then they will write a caption and submit a form on your website. Lastly, having their followers/friends/family ‘like and share’ their entry on all forms of social media.

This is an excellent marketing tactic in that it has its own audience create and share marketing collateral. Its gets people who haven’t heard of your business involved. It also gets people excited about the city you’re in and the various components of it.


   2.Using photographs people have taken of their food or beverages from your restaurant or cafe and ‘hashtagging’ a promotional hashtag you created.

For example:

People are naturally photographing their food and beverages now on a regular basis, so incentivising this practice with a chance to win is a great way to increase hype around the brand and create a unique experience for the visitor.


 3. Keep the followers on their toes with exciting new images and short videos using stories

For Example:

Instagram has a feature called Stories which is displayed at the top of the app, each story lasts 24 hours. This way, you can show your followers daily what you’re up to and ‘tease’ them with a short video or photograph of new product or specials. Keeping current is a great way to keep in the forefront of your follower’s minds and in turn will make them come in and see what the fuss is about.


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