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Why People In Newcastle Are Going Crazy Over Business Coaching

Lets talk about Business Coaching. The main questions asked when business coaching is brought up are these; “How much is it?” “What will I get?” Will I make more money or waste money?” “What makes you such an expert on how I run my business?” to name a few. We have put together unbiased feedback list from professionals who have experienced Business Coaching first hand and what they found was the most important aspect of the service.

  • Building Confidence

Confidence in business is invaluable. Being supported by a great coach and giving yourself the space to work out challenges enhances your confidence when going into major situations, dealing with crises, or handling conflict. A professional bounce board keeps you sharp and playing your best game. As a founder your time is incredibly valuable. A coach can help you make the best of it. – Corey Blake, Round Table Companies


  • Understanding How to Work With Many Different Types of People

Business coaching typically includes exercises around personality and leadership style, and empowers you to better understand yourself. Along the way though, you’ll be introduced to many different personality types and leadership characteristics, so business coaching is a great way to better hone how to work with diverse types of people, too. – Doreen Bloch, Poshly Inc.


  • Combating Unconscious Incompetence

Donald Rumsfeld wisely summed this up when he said, “There are things we don’t know, we don’t know.” A coach provides another set of eyes that can draw on experiences with other clients in order to reveal and mitigate blind spots in your business. – Dan Pickett, Launch Academy


  • Employee Retention

Often more important than money, employees want to feel progress towards a goal and growth within an organization. By making business coaching available to all of our employees, we sent the message that we want to empower them to grow their leadership skills, and that there is no ceiling within the organization. Employee retention has made the coaching well worth the price tag. – Joel Holland, Video Blocks


  • Experienced Financial Planning

It is extremely difficult to plan out a budget when your head is wrapped around your business plan, marketing plan, potential growth, and so much more. A business coach is experienced in working with companies large and small to help them plan their finances in a smart and beneficial manner. They have seen the good and the bad and can help to make the best financial decisions for your company. – Miles Jennings, Recruiter.com


  • Building a Great Team

As an entrepreneur, there’s a strong temptation at the beginning to do everything yourself. A business coach can help you target your weaknesses and help you make sure the hires you make are the right solution to compensate. Then, they’ll encourage you to focus on your strengths so that your business operates efficiently. A business coach is a huge asset in building a great business team. – Dave Nevogt, Hubstaff.com

If you are still questioning whether or not you should seek the advice of a Business Coach feel free to give Bottrell Business Consultants a call on (02)49336888 and speak with Gavin about your business needs and how to excel in your industry.

Alternatively, you can visit our website to find out more https://www.bottrellaccounting.com.au/business-services/business-growth-coaching/ 

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