Performance managing a Millennial is a very different kettle of fish to Gen X, and the Baby Boomer Generations the preceded them.

Millennials bring a range of different expectations and deliverables to their employment. As a boss, if you can both recognise and appreciate the Millennial differences, you’ll create a harmonious work environment that’s beneficial for everyone involved.

1. Know what is important to them

For Millennials, work/life balance is a high priority. Speak openly to them and discuss their work expectations to ensure you are both on the same page, with the same expectations and deliverables.

2. Encourage teamwork

Millennials throve in a team environment where collaborative work is encouraged so give them the opportunity to work with others as often as possible.

3. Challenge them

Millennials bring a great amount of knowledge and innovation with them, so challenge them to allow them to shine in their element.

4. Prevent boredom

Millennials are known for their short tenures with the same employer. Try and avoid this by offering stimulating, challenging and rewarding projects that stave off boredom.

5. Provide regular positive feedback

With Millennials so engaged in technology, they are accustomed to receiving instant feedback and recognition. So ditch the annual formal performance review and replace with regular communication to keep them engaged and present.

The Millennial worker has a lot to bring to an organisation. Knowing how to manage them to highlight their skills and bring out their best work is the key to an ongoing successful working relationship.

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