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Professional Development

Professional Development


Plan your professional development for the year


Learning doesn’t stop the day you graduate or land your perfect job. Learning is a lifelong commitment – not just for your career, but for your own development.

Professions such as teaching and health require their staff to undertake set professional development hours each year. It is a mandatory component of the job and is required to secure ongoing registration. For these professions, it is a given – the hours are required to remain eligibility in that profession. But what about the rest of us? Just because it isn’t legally required for our profession, should we not do the same?

The answer is yes.

Commit to lifelong learning

At the start of each year, stop and think about the areas you would like to upskill in. Is there an area in which you are lacking where you feel some additional training could be of benefit? Spend the time researching your industry training providers and the options that are out there within your profession. Schedule the dates in your diary as priority before those days are booked up and out of reach.

Employer subsidies

Many employers offer subsidies towards or full payment of the cost of ongoing training and professional development for their staff. A wise move on employers’ behalf as it is in their best interest that their staff is dedicated to their own personal and ongoing development.

Encouraging professional development works towards creating a workforce that is current and up-to-date with the latest advancements and innovations within their chosen industry. It shows that employers care about their staff’s ongoing commitment to learning and getting the best out of themselves.

So grab your diary, book it in and start your year on the right foot.

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