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25 Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Business

25 Ways To Grow Your Real Estate Business

1. Surround yourself with Success
My number one tip is to maintain an attitude where you are prepared to do whatever it takes to grow your business and succeed in real estate. In other words, everyone is usually prepared to go to a certain level for contentment,
2. Drop the Ego
There are definitely no ‘short cuts’ unfortunately. Listen, absorb and repeat certain tasks that work over and over. The key to success in real estate is repetition and being approachable.
3. Don’t go at it alone
You’re only as strong as your team, build a team out of people with all different strengths. You need to have help when things get busy or your real estate is not going to function.
4. Know that success doesn’t come overnight
Be prepared to put the hours in initially for little short-term reward. Get to know your service area better than anybody else
5. Never stop learning
it doesn’t matter if you have one-year experience or 30 years, you must keep growing and learning and changing, or you will fall behind.”
6. Use open inspections to your advantage
Be in the community to meet potential buyers and sellers. You get back the energy you give.
7. Target your market by property
Not everyone in your database will be a suitable buyer. Take to the 80/20 rule; invest 80% of your marketing efforts to the 20% of prospects who are likely to buy the property
8. Don’t Rely on 2d photo’s, look more at Google 360+ 3D Models
A picture can tell 1000 words but there’s nothing like 3D to bring a home to life. 3D models can provide a realistic dollhouse model anyone can ‘walk through’
9. Ensure you’re easy to find.
It may sound simple but this is something people often overlook. Ensure your contact details i.e. phone number, address and email are accessible in every sales and marketing channel. Make it easy for a potential client to message you
10. Create Backlinks to your website
You can create backlinks to your website by offering guest posts or sending through a few story ideas to digital publications in your area.
11. Use Facebook events to drive traffic to your actions
Promote it on the business page. I’ll also create a Facebook event and invite clients to it. If you have the budget, you can boost your posts to reach more people in your area.
12. Use social media to add value to potential clients
An agent’s social media content should offer more value to potential clients, post tips and advice about buying and selling on social media. Real estate is a business built on trust. Use social media to build a relationship with existing and potential clients
13. Read between the lines
There are times where people will say one thing and mean another. Take the time and care to listen to your clients’ needs. Most of the time we all have this perception in our heads of what we expect or what we want for them but it’s not about us, it’s about the client, sometimes things are said or not said
14. Give to get
The idea of give to get is very important. Many agents are very short sighted. Agents will have coffee and if there isn’t a lead — the contact is dead. Give yourself 12 months to build trust.
15. Learn Everything you can about body language
Did you know that over 80% of communication is non-verbal? In an industry where people skills are paramount to success, expressing good body language and being able to read other people’s body language is critical to success
16. Don’t overlook the value of great customer service
Repeat business and referrals are the best clients to work with due to a continuing relationship and a platform of trust that already exists. Once there is trust in a relationship, the job is much easier and rewarding.
17. Success is your mindset and attitude
My number one tip is to maintain an attitude where you are prepared to do whatever it takes to grow your business and succeed in real estate. In other words, everyone is usually prepared to go to a certain level for contentment, but in real estate there’s only 10-15% of people who are prepared to go above and beyond in terms of effort, energy
18. Find a formula that works and stick to it
It may sound basic but processes and systems will help run your day-to-day business so you can focus on prospecting and sales, “You need a solid system in place, be prepared to be structured and follow a proven formula that works best for you,
19. Review your Sales Presentation
Does your sales/listing presentation address your customers’ questions? When it comes to getting more customers, John McGrath suggests looking at what you’re working with, “Redesign your presentation
20. Ask strategic questions during open houses
open houses generate a lot of buyers but also a lot of prospective vendors, Top agents follow up with a phone call, talk about the property and finish with the question: are you buying or selling now?
21. Don’t invent the wheel if something works
Whether print media is a dying industry continues to be a debate. Instead of listening to what others say, put it to the test. There are no short cuts. Consistency and hard work is the only way. Be true to your numbers and track your progress
22. Set your vision and ensure you communicate with your team
One of the most important things you can do is have a clear vision and focused goals. You also want to ensure your team is working towards the same goals. An office culture and vision is reflective of its principals. We believe in the vision. We are true to it, we constantly talk about it. We then enrol our team in it. We are driving the vision.”
23. Don’t just copy and paste
When you’re promoting your listings on Facebook or your website, write original copy to reflect your view of the property. Also, if you intend to boost social posts, try casting the net a little wider to attract investors who may not live in the area
24. Create raving fans
Create raving fans not satisfied customers. Give everyone you meet the best service experience of their life and you will create an army of people who will send you referrals for life
25. Get Reviews on RateMyAgent
Word of mouth and online reviews build trust and customer confidence. With each transaction you make, you should be asking your clients to leave you a review on your Facebook page and on sites like

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