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Sergio Marchonne advise on Mediocrity

It is good to think big, dream big and achieve big. Too many people have settled where they are in life. They are in the comfort zone and are no longer looking to grow. They believe that small, mediocre life is all they deserve. Sergio Marchonne says this in his quote: “Mediocrity is not worth the trip.”
Sergio Marchonne is the Chief Executive Officer of Chrysler. He does not think that mediocrity path is worth walking. If you have noticed, feeling small attracts self-pity. And when you feel so small and useless, visualizing that good things could come from life becomes difficult.
You also start seeing more people you could compare yourself with. There will always be someone more intelligent, beautiful, educated, well off, and so on. But this does not mean that there is no one who thinks you are better than them. Sergio Marchonne does not have room for mediocrity and neither should you.

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