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Tax deductions for mining site employees

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If you are an employee working at a mining site, it’s crucial to ensure that your tax return is accurate, and you claim all the deductions you are entitled to. Below is a list of potential tax deductions for mining site employees. Keep in mind that maintaining accurate records for each claim is essential. If you need advice, contact Bottrell Business Consultants at

Meals and Travel:

The cost of purchasing meals during overtime, provided you receive an allowance from your employer (no receipts needed if you could demonstrate how you calculated the amount spent).

Expenses for meals and incidental costs during overnight stays away from home (claim the full allowance if shown on PAYG payment summary; otherwise, keep receipts).

Costs of parking, tolls, taxis, and public transport for seminars, meetings, and training courses held away from your usual workplace.

Car expenses for work-related travel, including meetings, training courses, and transportation between or around mine sites (keep a diary record of kilometres travelled).

Work Clothing:

  • Expenses for buying uniforms with the business logo.
  • Costs for laundry, dry cleaning, or repairs of uniforms.
  • Expenses for sun protection items and other protective equipment not supplied by the employer.


  • Expenses for work-related short training courses (excluding University or TAFE courses).
  • Costs for self-education courses run by a university or TAFE.

Work Equipment:

  • Costs of purchasing and repairing work equipment (tools, electronic organisers, laptop computers, and mobile phones).
  • Expenses for materials or supplies used at work.
  • Costs of stationery, diary, logbook, work bag, or briefcase.

Other Work Expenses:

  • Membership or union fees.
  • Renewal of machinery operating licenses and tickets required for work.
  • Costs of work-related books, magazines, journals, mobile or home telephone calls, and internet connection fees (proportionate to work use).

General Expenses (for all employees):

  • Donations to registered charities.
  • Bank fees on investment accounts.
  • Income protection or sickness and accident insurance premiums.
  • Tax agent fees.
  • Costs of traveling to see your tax agent.

Keep receipts for all work-related purchases. For further information or assistance in preparing your tax return, contact Bottrell Accountants, Tax Agents & Financial Planners at

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