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At Bottrell Accountants, Tax Agents and Financial Planners, also known Bottrell Business Consultants, our team understands that each financial journey is as unique as the individual or business embarking on it. Our mission is to offer a personalized, comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet these distinct needs. Our multi-disciplinary team of seasoned professionals enables us to be your one-stop destination for Accounting, Tax, Financial Planning, Bookkeeping, and Website Development. Conveniently located in Newcastle and East Maitland, we are more than just consultants and accountants; we are your strategic financial partners.

A Decade of Trust, Excellence, and Personalized Financial Solutions

Founded in 2010 under the visionary leadership of our director, Gavin Bottrell, Bottrell Business Consultants has steadily grown into a name synonymous with integrity, expertise, and personalised service. Over the past decade, we’ve carved a unique space for ourselves in the financial services industry, distinguishing our approach through a blend of traditional consultancy and forward-thinking innovation.

Our Services


When it comes to accounting, we do more than just number-crunching. Our Newcastle and East Maitland accountants offer a full suite of accounting services including payroll, business advisory, business coaching, and business compliance. We provide comprehensive budget analyses, cash flow forecasting, and financial audits among other services. This wealth of information not only ensures your compliance with laws and regulations but also empowers you to make data-driven decisions. Our holistic approach helps you optimize performance, identify growth opportunities, and gives you the financial clarity needed to propel your business forward.


Taxation is an intricate area where mistakes can be costly. That’s why our dedicated tax accountants and agents, serving both the local Newcastle and East Maitland areas, is committed to guiding you through every facet of the tax landscape. From tax planning and filing personal and business tax returns to understanding deductions and compliance, we are by your side every step of the way. Additionally, we stay updated with the latest tax laws and regulations. This allows us to offer timely, proactive advice that not only helps you save money but also ensures you avoid any penalties, providing you with peace of mind.

Our financial planning services, located in Newcastle and East Maitland, extend beyond mere wealth accumulation. We offer a full suite of financial planning services including financial advice and planning, retirement planning, personal and business insurance, investment advice, superannuation, and wealth creation. We take a holistic approach to your financial well-being, covering everything from retirement and investment portfolios to estate planning. Our certified Newcastle and East Maitland financial planners work collaboratively with you to outline a comprehensive plan tailored to your individual needs and aspirations. Whether you’re saving for a home, planning your children’s education, or aiming for a comfortable retirement, we provide the expert guidance you need to achieve your financial goals.

Maintaining financial records is an ongoing process that is crucial for business success. Our bookkeepers are experts at what they do, managing everything from daily receipts to tracking expenditures and liaising with our accounting and tax professionals for seamless, integrated financial management. As your Newcastle Accountant or East Maitland Accountant, we offer a comprehensive service that allows you to concentrate on your core business activities. We also provide Xero training to ensure you, or your team can manage day-to-day financial tasks efficiently. By combining expertise in bookkeeping with specialized accounting services, we create a robust financial infrastructure tailored to your business needs, freeing you to focus on growth and profitability.

Our skilled website design and development teams, strategically based in Newcastle and East Maitland, are experts in creating websites that are not only visually stunning but also exceptionally user-friendly and mobile-responsive. We don’t just design websites; we engineer experiences that effectively communicate your brand’s message to your target audience. What sets us apart is our commitment to SEO-friendly design features, tailored to elevate your online visibility. With our specialized skills in website development, we turn your digital storefront into a robust business asset, geared for growth and increased engagement.

Our Locations

Location is often an overlooked aspect when choosing a local accounting, taxation and financial consultancy firm, yet its importance cannot be overstated. Accessibility can be crucial, especially when urgent consultations are needed. That’s why we’ve strategically situated our offices in Newcastle and East Maitland. These locations offer our clients the convenience of local accessibility, coupled with the assurance that they are partnering with a consultancy firm that understands both the local and broader financial landscapes. For added convenience, we also offer the option of Zoom and phone call appointments and consultations, allowing you to connect with our experts in the way that suits you best, without compromising on quality advice.

Address: 45 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300

Our Newcastle office is a state-of-the-art facility located in the city’s bustling commercial hub. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and comfortable consultation spaces, it’s an ideal location for all businesses and individuals alike seeking the expertise of our Newcastle Accountants, Financial Planners and Website Development team.

Contact us at @ Newcastle Accountants

Physical Address – 45 Hunter St, Newcastle, NSW 2300.

P: 02 4933 6888

E: office@bottrellaccounting.com.au

Address: 93 Lawes St, East Maitland NSW 2323

East Maitland is home to another one of our strategically located offices. Accessible and inviting, it offers the same comprehensive range of services as our Newcastle location, making it an excellent alternative for clients residing in the local East Maitland area.

Contact us at @ East Maitland Accountants

Physical Address – 93 Lawes St, East Maitland, NSW 2323.

P: 02 4933 6888

E: office@bottrellaccounting.com.au

Why Choose Us?

We understand that when it comes to financial matters, one size never fits all. Our approach is to first understand your specific circumstances and aspirations thoroughly, enabling us to tailor our suite of services to align seamlessly with your objectives. With convenient locations in Newcastle and East Maitland, we are easily accessible, ensuring that your financial planning journey with us is smooth and hassle-free.

Our multi-disciplinary team is the cornerstone of our success. Comprising seasoned professionals from various financial disciplines—including accounting, tax, financial planning, bookkeeping, and website development—our team’s diverse skill set enables us to offer a holistic suite of services tailored to your specific needs. This broad spectrum of in-house expertise eliminates the need for multiple service providers, offering you the convenience of a one-stop financial solutions hub.

Recognizing that each client’s financial journey or website design and development is distinct and influenced by factors such as industry landscape, market conditions, personal goals, and risk tolerance, we adopt a consultative approach to accounting, taxation, financial management and website development. We take the time to deeply understand your specific circumstances, aspirations, and challenges, allowing us to craft a strategy that is not just effective but also aligns seamlessly with your objectives.

Contact us

If you’re looking for a consultancy that prioritizes your unique financial landscape, then look no further. Contact us today at 02 4933 6888 or at office@bottrellaccounting.com.au

Let’s embark on a journey towards financial stability and success together.

Join us at Bottrell Business Consultants—where our accounting and financial planning expertise meets personalised care, and your financial future is our top priority.

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