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Greetings from Bottrell Coaching! I’m Gavin Bottrell, a seasoned business and executive coach with over two decades of experience in accounting, business advisory, and business systems. Based in the Maitland area, I am dedicated to helping individuals and businesses unlock their full potential and achieve their business objectives. As a coach and mentor, my passion lies in empowering others to reach new heights and succeed in their endeavours.

In recent years, business coaching has gained immense popularity as entrepreneurs and business owners seek ways to sharpen their leadership abilities, expand their companies, and attain their aspirations. Business coaches and mentors offer guidance and encouragement to assist clients in overcoming obstacles, recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities, and crafting achievable plans to reach their goals. With a business coach’s support, entrepreneurs and business owners can craft a vivid picture of their future, refine their priorities, and make the necessary transformations to achieve success. Contact us today at our Maitland office and see what business coaching and mentoring can do for you today.



Coaching and Mentoring Advantages



One of the critical advantages of collaborating with a business coach is the provision of accountability. Entrepreneurs and business owners often work independently, making it challenging to maintain focus and drive when they bear the full responsibility of their businesses. A business coach provides someone to regularly check in with, ensuring they stay on track, and facilitating the necessary changes to attain their objectives.

Another advantage of partnering with a business coach is the provision of impartial, external viewpoints to clients. We assist entrepreneurs and business owners in stepping back from their operations and examining their businesses and goals from a new angle. This often results in novel insights and concepts and helps entrepreneurs and business owners see their operations in a different perspective.


At Bottrell Coaching in Maitland, we offer personalised coaching and mentoring services tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our mission is to assist individuals and businesses in thriving, and we achieve this through providing customized support and direction on crucial business concerns. Whether it involves enhancing business plans, overcoming difficult choices, or optimizing time management and efficiency, we’re dedicated to being there for our clients.

Our Maitland based coaching methodology is centered around collaboration and client-centeredness. We invest time in comprehending your individual challenges and partner with you to create a personalised action plan to overcome them. With our assistance and direction, you’ll possess the assurance to manage your business and attain the success you strive for.

If you’re eager to advance your business, Bottrell Coaching is at your service. Connect with us today  at our Maitland office and discover more about our coaching and mentoring offerings and how we can aid you in realising your business aspirations.


At Bottrell Coaching Maitland, we provide diverse coaching and mentoring services with the goal of helping individuals and businesses reach their desired success. Let us emphasise the various ways in which we can support you:



Business Strategy: Do you require support in creating a clear and compelling vision for your business and a plan for achieving your goals? Our expert team is available to assist and guide you in developing a successful strategy for your business.

Effective Communication: Do you have difficulties in communicating effectively with your team or clients? We are here to help you improve your communication skills and establish stronger, more productive relationships.

Leadership Skills: Do you aspire to be a more influential leader and motivate your team to achieve excellence? Let us guide you in refining your leadership skills and instill confidence, driving your business towards success.

Making Decisions: Are you facing challenges in making important decisions for your business? Allow us to assist you in weighing your options and making informed and confident choices.

Time Management: Are you feeling burdened by the multitude of tasks on your to-do list and feeling like there’s not enough time to get everything done? Let us share our time management skills and techniques to help you work more efficiently and accomplish more in less time.

Enhancing Productivity: Are you looking for ways to improve your productivity and get the most out of your workday? Our team is here to offer valuable tips and tools to help you stay focused and maximize your output.



Entrepreneurs and business owners can benefit greatly from business coaching. By working with a Maitland based business mentoring coach such as Maitland Bottrell Coaching, they can receive the necessary support to tackle obstacles, recognize and seize opportunities, and formulate practical plans to meet their goals. Whether you’re just starting out or seeking to enhance the growth and expansion of your business, reach out to Maitland Bottrell Coaching for help.


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