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 Business Advisors

The Millennial generation has a lot of advantageous qualities to offer the business world – the drive to succeed, empathy for others, the need to ‘do good’ in the world and an astonishingly high grip on technology. They are innovative leaders developing new technology that is changing the lives of others and the way we do business.

But are they good business advisors?

Are Millennials equipped to lead a business into the future with limited experience under their belts? That is the question we are to see.

There are some Millennials that will be good business advisers, some great, and some not so much. The challenge lies within them building their business and people skills to effectively lead teams and advise businesses into the future.

Their skills will develop as they do.

Experience comes from being in the field and experiencing the highs and the lows of business. It comes from learning how to ride the highs and pull through the lows. It comes from finding the balance of maintaining market position when new businesses threaten your position, and adapting to change.


Millennials have the same potential to be great business advisers as those before them; they just need to learn how to do it right.


Experience is key, and if they are open to learning and taking on board the advice and experience of others, then they too can be destined for greatness.



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