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SMSF Audit Services

SMSF Audit Services: Ensuring Compliance and Confidence

At Bottrell SMSF Audit Services, we specialize in independent SMSF audits. Based in East Maitland and Newcastle, we’ve been serving our valued SMSF clients since 2007. Our team of highly skilled auditors focuses on user-friendliness, quick turnaround times, and competitive pricing. Here’s why you should choose us:

Ease of Use

- Our audit process seamlessly integrates with your internal systems.
- We prioritize straightforward, user-friendly interactions.

Quick Turnaround

- Average audit completion time of just 2 days.
- Timely service without compromising quality.

Competitive Pricing

- We offer competitive rates, with volume discounts available.
- Quality audits at an affordable cost.

Independence & Competence

- Our ASIC-approved auditors bring extensive experience.
- As an SMSF audit-only firm, we maintain full independence.

Our Consulting Services

Technical Advice & Query Resolution

SMSF legislation can be complex and onerous for trustees. We provide expert advice to accountants and advisers, helping them navigate issues that arise during fund management

Pre-Audit Consulting

- We’re just a call or email away for SISAR-related queries.
- Collaborate with us to ensure alignment between your advice and our audit approach.

Post-Audit Consulting

- Our role extends beyond the audit. We offer rectification advice.
- Trust us to guide trustees through any challenges they face.

Engagement Process

Contact Us

- Reach out via phone or email. Let’s discuss your SMSF audit needs.
- Building a comfortable working relationship is essential.

Trial Audits

- Start with a small trial (3-5 funds) to understand our processes.
- We aim to be a value-add to your firm.

Audit Documentation Transfer

- We adapt to your workflow preferences.
- Our straightforward process ensures efficient collaboration.

Here to help you with all your Newcastle Accounting & Tax needs

Bottrell Newcastle Accountants Services?

Our suite of services spans a vast spectrum, encompassing:

  • Personal Taxation Returns: From individuals to couples and families, our comprehensive service offerings include meticulous preparation, strategic tax planning, and seamless lodgement, all overseen by our seasoned experts.
  • Investment Tax Advice: Delving into the nuances of investment taxation, our seasoned advisors offer insights into rental properties, navigate the complexities of negative gearing, handle crypto tax returns with finesse, and offer sage counsel on capital gains tax matters.
  • Business Taxation Returns: Catering to the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises, our dedicated team offers a gamut of tax and accounting services, complemented by astute business tax consultancy aimed at optimising fiscal outcomes.
  • Business Chartered Accountants: Armed with a wealth of qualifications and expertise, our chartered accountants deliver superlative accounting services and ensure seamless annual tax compliance across a myriad of entities.
  • Business Activity Statement (BAS) Services: Simplifying the often daunting task of BAS preparation and lodgement, our adept professionals offer meticulous support, ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations.
  • Business Establishment & Setup Services: Guiding aspiring entrepreneurs through the labyrinth of business setup, our comprehensive service offering encompasses everything from initial setup and formation to business launch and franchise advice.
  • SMSF (Self Managed Super) Tax Services: Tackling the complexities of self-managed super funds head-on, our dedicated team offers a suite of services encompassing accounting, tax, bookkeeping, audit, and administration.
  • Bookkeeping Services: Serving as the bedrock of financial management, our meticulous bookkeeping services cover everything from regular processing and payroll management to superannuation processing and comprehensive accounts payable/receivable management.
  • Financial Planning: Our seasoned financial planners offer a holistic approach to financial planning, encompassing superannuation advice, retirement planning, insurance reviews, and bespoke SMSF advice tailored to individual circumstances.
  • Business Coaching & Mentoring: Leveraging a wealth of experience and insight, our qualified coaches, mentors, and advisors stand ready to guide burgeoning entrepreneurs towards success, offering sage counsel and unwavering support every step of the way.

Amidst the dynamic landscape of modern business, Bottrell Newcastle Accountants & Financial Planners stands as a stalwart ally, committed to steering our clients towards their financial zenith with unwavering professionalism, unmatched expertise, and a steadfast dedication to excellence. Embrace the Bottrell experience today and embark on a journey towards financial prosperity like never before.

Why Choose Bottrell SMSF Audit Services?

  1. Expertise in SMSF Audits:

    • Our team specializes exclusively in SMSF audits.
    • We understand the intricacies of self-managed super funds.
  2. Quick Turnaround Times:

    • We prioritize efficiency without compromising quality.
    • Expect prompt completion of your SMSF audits.
  3. Transparent Pricing:

    • Competitive rates tailored to your needs.
    • No hidden fees or surprises.
  4. Local Presence:

    • Based in East Maitland, we’re accessible and responsive.
    • Count on personalized service and local knowledge.

Contact Us

  • Phone: 02 4933 6888
  • Email:
  • Visit Us: 93 Lawes Street East Maitland

Choose Bottrell SMSF Audit Services for reliable, compliant, and hassle-free SMSF audits. Reach out today—we’re here to assist!

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SMSF Audit Services in East Maitland

With a team of experienced business tax advisors, we offer a comprehensive range of tax assistance, including tax planning, preparation, and compliance.

Annual SMSF Audit

- Comprehensive annual audit to ensure compliance with ATO regulations.
- Covers financial statements, investment strategies, and regulatory requirements.

Fund Wind-Up Audit

- When an SMSF is winding up, we conduct a thorough audit.
- Ensures proper distribution of assets and compliance with legal obligations.

Limited Scope Audit

- Focused audit on specific areas (e.g., investment transactions, contributions).
- Ideal for addressing specific concerns without a full-scale audit.

Independent Auditor’s Report

- We provide an unbiased report on the SMSF’s financial position.
- Essential for trustees, accountants, and ATO compliance.

Bottrell East Maitland Chartered Accountants

What is a Chartered Accountant and what makes them different?

As chartered accountants, we are dedicated to providing professional and reliable financial services to individuals and businesses. With our expertise in accounting, taxation, and financial planning, we strive to help our clients achieve their financial goals and navigate complex financial challenges.

We are easily accessible by car, with parking available. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping businesses, families, and individuals in the Newcastle and Hunter region reach their full potential and achieve financial success.

At Bottrell Business Consultants, we offer a wide range of services, including accounting, tax, business coaching, financial planning, and marketing. Please contact us at 02 4003 4808 or by email at to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you. Our office is open Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm (AEST).

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