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Buying A Franchise

Buying a franchise in Australia can be a great way to start a business and take advantage of an established brand and business model.

Some current franchise groups in Australia include:

  • Chemist Warehouse,
  • McDonald’s,
  • Domino’s,
  • Oporto,
  • 7-Eleven,
  • KFC,
  • Subway,
  • Nado’s,
  • Boost Juice,
  • Gloria Jean’s Coffee.
  • Jims Mowing.

These franchises offer a wide range of products and services and have established themselves as trusted brands in the Australian market.

When considering buying a franchise, it’s essential to research and choose a franchise that aligns with your interests and goals.

Franchising can be rewarding and lucrative, but it’s important to carefully assess the risks and potential challenges before committing.

So, is franchising right for you?

In our experience, clients wanting to buy franchises have questions about a variety of topics, such as:
• What are the benefits of franchising?
• Is my business viable for franchising?
• What are the risks associated?
• Will I be able to repay the loan?

Our experienced franchising team can help advise, guide and mentor you through the set-up and management of your franchise. Our pre-emptive financial review will answer these questions, giving you the peace of mind you need to begin or continue your franchising journey.

When to contact us

The best time to contact us is at any point when you feel you need advice. Our team is experienced in each step of the franchising journey and can help to point you in the right direction.

Even if you are unsure about possibly buying a franchise in the future – come and see us. We can help you to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of franchising. We will aid you in discussing your strengths and weaknesses. You may even need to discuss your ideas with someone to be then able to make a final choice on your own.

Once all the preliminary issues are discussed, we will conduct the pre-emptive financial review, in which the viability of your business is examined. For a more efficient review, it is best if you bring along your financial information so that we can prepare an accurate viability report.

What we will discuss

Our meetings are flexible and will change depending on what suits you. Some topics we can cover include:

  • If franchising is right for you
    • Costs associated with franchising
    • Different types of franchises
    • Advice on different franchise options
    • Franchising due diligence
    • Business management ideas and strategies for the day-to-day management
    • Discussion of loan and other financing options
    • Competitors and other threats to success

Our Process

  • A pre-emptive financial review assesses whether your business is viable for franchising.
    • Prepare and structure your franchising network, including preparation of commercial documents complying with the Federal Government Mandatory Code of Conduct under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.
    • Screen and recommend suitable franchise buyers to franchisor clients
    • Business strategy advice, planning and implementation
    • Initial and ongoing human resource training
    • Financial budgets, sales reporting, plans and cashflow management
    • Business mentoring, coaching and change management

Contact us now to begin your franchise journey!

You can call us on (02) 4933 6888 to organise an appointment, or alternatively, you can contact us here