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Correct an instalment or business activity statement

Correct an instalment or business activity statement

The way to correct a mistake made on an activity statement depends on what tax your mistake relates to.

You can use your current business activity statement (BAS) – or a future one – to correct many GST and fuel tax credit mistakes, and to vary a PAYG instalment.

If you can’t make the correction on your current BAS, or the mistake relates to another type of tax (except PAYG instalments), you either have to revise the original BAS or write to us.

Unclaimed credits

A four-year time limit applies to claiming credits and refunds. The time starts from the end of the tax period the credit arose or, for excise on imported goods, the date of importation.

Revising an earlier activity statement

Registered users of the Business Portal, Tax Agent Portal, BAS Agent Portal, electronic lodgment service (ELS) and electronic commerce interface (ECI) can revise an earlier activity statement online.

Goods and services tax (GST)

GST mistakes made on a past activity statement can be corrected on a current or future statement, provided the conditions, including the time and value limits, are met

Fuel tax credits

How to change your fuel tax credits claim for a previous business activity statement (BAS) period.

Correcting an activity statement: conditions

Time and value limits determine whether or not you can correct a mistake on your current activity statement or on a later one, or if you must revise the earlier statement. Your annual business turnover determines your value limit.

Luxury car and wine equalisation taxes

Luxury car tax or wine equalisation tax mistakes must be corrected using a revised activity statement. An adjustment to luxury car tax can be made on a current activity statement.

Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding

To correct a mistake in the PAYG withholding amount reported on your activity statement, you revise the original activity statement. To report an amount not withheld when it should have been, write to us.

Pay as you go (PAYG) instalments

How you change the PAYG instalment amount you have reported on your activity statement depends on whether your income tax return for that year has been assessed.

For futher information, please give the office a call or refer to the source.

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