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Maximising Your Tax Refund: Deductions for Healthcare Professionals 

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Healthcare Professionals, including nurses, midwives, and direct carers, play a crucial role in our society. At Bottrell Accounting, we understand the significance of your contributions, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you receive every possible deduction and benefit in your upcoming tax return.

Our Expertise in Nurse-Specific Deductions

Our expert team of tax agents specialises in identifying and maximising nurse-specific deductions, guaranteeing you a maximum refund. We focus on occupation-specific expenses to help you claim the work-related deductions you deserve.

Claiming Work-Related Expenses

To claim a deduction for work-related expenses, you need to meet specific criteria:

· Personal Expenditure: You must have personally incurred the expense without reimbursement.

· Directly Related: The expense must be directly connected to earning your income.

· Record Keeping: Maintain records to substantiate your claims.

Nurse, Midwife, and Direct Carer Specific Deductions You Can Claim

1. Travel Expenses

· Between Separate Jobs: Driving between different jobs on the same day.

· Alternate Workplace: Traveling to and from an alternate workplace for the same employer.

2. Uniform & Clothing

· Compulsory Uniform: Non-slip shoes, socks, stocking, or essential work gear like ties.

· Occupation-Specific Clothing: Garments easily recognisable as nurse attire.

· Laundry Costs: Cleaning of eligible work clothes, including required uniforms.

3. Education & Training

· Self-Education: Expenses for courses directly related to your current job (e.g. wound care)

· Practising Certificate: Renewal costs and attendance at work-related seminars, conferences, and training courses.

· Reading Materials: Journals, periodicals, and magazines aligned with your job.

4. Tools of the Trade

· Medical Equipment: Stethoscopes, nursing fobs, reference books, and other essential tools.

· Communication Devices: Mobiles or pagers if you’re on call.

5. Other Deductible Expenses

· Calculators

· Fees: Union, professional association, agency commissions, and annual practising certificate fee.

· Publications: Technical or professional publications.

Deductions You Can’t Claim

1. Travel to and from Work

· General Travel: Daily commute expenses between home and work.

2. Clothing Costs

· Plain Clothing: Buying or cleaning plain clothing worn at work, even if mandated by the employer.

3. Study Expenses

· General Education: Costs related to general education or job change pursuits.

Record-Keeping Made Simple

While you focus on patient records, we streamline your tax process. Keep a travel diary for work-related travel and maintain receipts, invoices, and relevant financial statements. Our experience accountants will efficiently handle your deductions.

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