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Digital Marketing

Keep your business’s social media posts current by having out team manage all your social media platforms so you have more free time to grow your business.

  • We will create posts that recur on a regular basis and increase your social networking connections.
  • You will benefit from our professional database of networking connections and increase your following presence on all social media platforms.
  • We will promote your products, services and business name amongst your network and you will have our team of professionals provide support and guidance in marketing your business!

The strategic use of social media marketing will help your business gain more repeat and loyal customers and increase your profits. Social Media is the way forward and more people are turning to it now for recommendations, reviews and even shopping.

A single share around some interesting content that you have can start a chain reaction of events. This is called going viral. Every share, tweet or like is a vote of confidence in your business. Each time your popularity grows, someone likes your fan page, shares some interesting information you posted with one of their friends this sends signals to Google known as “Social Signals”. These signals form a huge part of Google’s ranking criteria.

Bottrell Accountants | Newcastle Accounting Firm | Maitland Accountants