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Welcome to Bottrell: East Maitland Tax Accountants, a leading accounting firm in East Maitland.

Our East Maitland Accounting Office – 93 Lawes St, East Maitland.

Our team of qualified accountants and registered tax agents are dedicated to providing comprehensive and professional accounting and tax services for businesses and individuals.

Founded in April 2010, we have served the East Maitland & Maitland community for over a decade, building a reputation for providing exceptional service and delivering results for our clients.

Whether you are an individual, family or business owner, we have the expertise and experience to help you navigate the complex world of taxes, compliance, accounting & bookkeeping.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let us help you reach your financial goals.

Tax Accountants – East Maitland :

  • Personal Tax Division
    • Personal Income Tax
    • Property Investment Tax Returns
    • Negative Gearing Tax Advice
    • Tax Advice for Shares, Managed Funds & Cryptocurrency
    • Dividend Tax Advice
    • Capital Gains Tax Advice (CGT) for Real Estate, Shares, Managed Funds & Cryptocurrency
    • Tax Advisor
  • Business Accounting Services at East Maitland
    • Accounting, Taxation, Bookkeeping
    • Tax Advice for Businesses
    • Expert Accountants for Small, Medium & Large Businesses
    • Annual Accounting Compliance (Financial Statements)
    • Tax Returns for Companies, Discretionary & Family Trusts, Partnerships & Sole Traders
    • Business Advice (GST & PAYG Advice)
    • Lodgement of BASs & IASs
    • Fringe benefits Tax Returns (FBT)
    • FBT Advice
    • NSW Payroll taxes
    • NSW Land Tax Advice
    • Stamp Duty Advice & Calculations
    • Business Advisor
    • ATO Compliance & Reporting
  • Experienced Accounting & Tax professionals in East Maitland: Providing professional financial services.SMSF Tax (Self Managed Super-funds)
    • SMSF External Audit
    • SMSF Annual, Monthly or Quarterly Accounting
    • SMSF Financial Statements
    • SMSF Tax Returns
    • SMSF Administration
  • Business Consulting Advice at East Maitland
    • Business Establishment Advice
    • Cloud Accounting Advice (Xero, MYOB & Quickbooks)
    • Business Plans
    • Business Valuation (Small & Medium Business)
    • Business Share Valuations
    • Forecast Business Cashflow
    • Business Budgets
    • Break-Even Point Analysis for Small & Medium Business
    • Strategic Plans Business
    • Retirement Planning of Directors & Shareholders
    • Secession Planning
  • Cloud Accounting & Bookkeeping Training
    • Business Setup & Establishment (Company, Trusts, Partnerships or Sole Traders)
    • Bookkeeping Software Setup & Training (Xero, MYOB & Quickbooks)
    • Ongoing Advice in relation to Tax, GST, Revenue & Tax Deductions.

At East Maitland Accountants & Tax Agents, we work with cloud software providers, including Xero, Quickbooks Online, and MYOB and are 100% cloud-based. We provide the most comprehensive, professional and efficient services to our clients.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let us help you with all your accounting and tax needs.

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Our Accounting & Tax Team are available in East Maitland – from Monday to Friday.  Appointments on Saturdays.

Mastering Record Keeping: 30 Essential Tips from Your Tax Accountant”

  • Organise Receipts: Keep all receipts neatly organized by category to facilitate easy retrieval during tax season.
  • Maintain Separate Accounts: Have separate bank accounts for personal and business finances to simplify record-keeping and ensure accuracy.
  • Use Accounting Software: Invest in reliable accounting software to streamline record-keeping processes and minimise errors.
  • Track Expenses in Real-Time: Record expenses as they occur to avoid overlooking deductible items and ensure accuracy.
  • Keep Business and Personal Expenses Separate: Avoid commingling personal and business expenses to maintain clarity and simplify tax preparation.
  • Document Mileage: Keep a detailed log of business-related mileage for vehicles used for work purposes to claim deductions accurately.
  • Save Electronic Copies: Scan and save electronic copies of receipts and documents to ensure backup in case of loss or damage.
  • Set Regular Record-Keeping Times: Schedule regular intervals to update and review your records to prevent procrastination and maintain accuracy.
  • Retain Documents for the Appropriate Time: Keep records for the required period as per tax regulations, typically five to seven years.
  • Record Cash Transactions: Document all cash transactions promptly to maintain accurate financial records and ensure compliance.
  • Backup Regularly: Backup your electronic records regularly to prevent data loss and ensure continuity of record-keeping.
  • Stay Organized: Develop a system for organizing documents and records, whether physical or electronic, to avoid confusion and facilitate easy access.
  • Review Bank Statements: Regularly review bank and credit card statements to identify and categorize expenses accurately.
  • Consult with a Professional: Seek advice from a tax accountant to ensure you’re keeping records in line with tax laws and regulations.
  • Use Cloud Storage: Consider using cloud-based storage solutions for enhanced security and accessibility of electronic records.
  • Educate Yourself: Stay informed about tax regulations and requirements to ensure compliance and optimize deductions.
  • Record Estimated Tax Payments: Keep records of estimated tax payments to track your tax obligations throughout the year accurately.
  • Document Home Office Expenses: If eligible, maintain detailed records of home office expenses to claim deductions for workspace use.
  • Keep Payroll Records: Maintain accurate payroll records, including salaries, wages, and withholdings, to ensure compliance with employment tax obligations.
  • Document Charitable Contributions: Keep records of all charitable contributions, including receipts and acknowledgments, to support deduction claims.
  • Track Business Assets: Maintain records of business assets, including purchases, sales, and depreciation, for accurate financial reporting and tax purposes.
  • Document Business Travel Expenses: Keep detailed records of business-related travel expenses, including transportation, lodging, and meals, for deduction purposes.
  • Record Stock Transactions: Document all stock transactions, including purchases, sales, and dividends, to accurately report capital gains and losses.
  • Review Quarterly Statements: Regularly review quarterly financial statements to identify discrepancies and ensure accuracy in record-keeping.
  • Document Health Care Expenses: Keep records of medical expenses, including insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs, for potential deduction claims.
  • Maintain Records of Rental Property Income and Expenses: If you own rental property, keep detailed records of rental income and expenses to accurately report rental income and claim deductions.
  • Track Business Loans and Interest Payments: Maintain records of business loans and interest payments to accurately report interest expenses for tax purposes.
  • Record Legal and Professional Fees: Keep records of legal and professional fees paid for business-related services to claim deductions accurately.
  • Document Retirement Contributions: Maintain records of contributions to retirement accounts, such as IRAs and 401(k)s, for potential tax deductions.
  • Stay Organised Year-Round: Develop a habit of staying organized with record-keeping throughout the year to minimize stress during tax season and ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations.

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