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Do Facebook Likes Determine Success?

Do Facebook Likes Determine Success?

Do Facebook Likes Determine Success?

Some equations are nice and simple.

Milk + milo = milo slushie

Hard work = sweat and tears

One equation that just doesn’t add up is:

Facebook likes = business success


Why oh why you say after all those hours have been poured into building your facebook likes to rival the best of them?

Like any good chemical equation, all you need to do is tweak the variables a little. This equation is no different. Just check out the small change we made to one variable.

Targeted facebook likes = business success!

The reality of this equation is quite simple.

Version 1 offers a scenario where facebook likes are thrown around like iced tea on a hot day. Everyone wants one yet once they’ve drunk from the fountain, they are off to the next best thing to satisfy their thirst.

Version 2 offers a more long-term and productive scenario whereby the thirsty client seeks a drink that suits their tastes and desires, and once found, are worth the time and investment to retain them as a loyal customer.

So what’s the bottom line?


There is no point trying to build your facebook likes with a non-customer client base that is really uninterested in your product or service. Quantity does not equal quality. It is far better to have 100 qualified likes that are actually interested in interacting with your business than 1000 that wouldn’t know if you sell shoes, design kitchens or bake bread.


Focus on those targeted likes and building a fan base that will help your business grow – not just look good on the likes’ tally.


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