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Maitland Business Accountant for Discretionary Trusts

At Bottrell Accountants & Tax Agents at Maitland, we understand the unique challenges that come with managing a business as a Discretionary Trust (Family Trust).

Our team of experienced business accountants and tax advisers are dedicated to providing comprehensive accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services to help Discretionary Trusts (Family Trust) in the Maitland region succeed.

Our professional services include:

  • Preparation of financial statements and tax returns for Discretionary Trusts
  • Bookkeeping and record-keeping assistance
  • GST and BAS advice and compliance
  • Payroll and superannuation advice
  • Assistance with trust formation and structuring
  • Advising on tax-effective strategies to minimise tax liability
  • Advising on government grants and incentives
  • Advising on and assisting with trust acquisitions and sales
  • Business activity statement (BAS) preparation and lodgement
  • Business advice and consulting
  • Business planning
  • Business start-up advice

As local professionals, we understand the unique needs of Discretionary Trusts (Family Trusts) and are passionate about supporting small, medium, and large businesses. We pride ourselves on providing personalised, professional service to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

If you’re in need of an experienced accountant and tax adviser for your Discretionary Trust (Family Trust) in Maitland, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0249336888 or by email at We’re here to help you succeed.

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