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Everyday, Facebook is working on new ways you can use the site for you business. Recently a new feature has become available which changes the way you interact with your prospective customers. You can create a Facebook News Feed ad that opens a Messenger conversation between your business and your prospective customer.

How Does This Work With Messenger?

When a person clicks, or taps on your ad in News Feed, a conversation with your business will immediately open in the Messenger app (if the person is on a mobile device) or on the web (if the person is on a desktop computer). People can return to this message conversation at any time on any device with Messenger installed to continue the conversation.

This feature is a handy one for everyone involved, your business will attract the attention of the person and the person gets to refer to the message when they please and even send a direct message to your business.

Promote Your New Offerings

Use your ad to promote new or seasonal offerings and engage your customers in a personal real-time conversation.

Tip: If you use a greeting message that people will see when the Messenger conversation opens, you will start a conversation with your customers and let them know when to expect a response from you.

Offer a Discount

You can use News Feed ads that open a Messenger conversation as a unique way to provide a coupon code and a personalised experience for your customers.

Tip: Save time by using saved replies for some FAQ’s such as store hours or location. Saved replies are templates of messages you can create and save and then reuse when responding to your Page’s messages

Want to Get Started?

  1. Go to ads creation in Ads Manager or Power Editor
  2. Choose Traffic or Conversions objective (Note: Traffic may appear as Send people to your website for some advertisers)
  3. Choose your campaign name and click Continue
  4. Select your audience, budget and placement.
  5. Note: You cannot use Instagram as a placement option when selecting Messenger as a destination
  6. At the ad level, choose your format. You can choose Carousel, Single Image, Single Video or Slideshow format
  7. Choose the Page you want to connect
  8. Select Messenger as your destination
  9. Write a welcome message. When people click on your ad, they will automatically be directed to Messenger and receive a copy of your ad and the welcome message.
  10. After you’ve reviewed your ad, click Place Order

Keep in mind: Your ad to open conversations in Messenger won’t appear to people on mobile who don’t have the Messenger app.

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