The Art of Mindfulness

The Art of Mindfulness


The Art of Mindfulness


How often do you just stop, put your phone, ipad, ipod or laptop down and just sit and take it all in. It is something that we don’t do very often, however something that we need to ensure we incorporate into our daily lives. It is about connecting with ourselves, our environment and those around us without distraction. About being mindful.


Psychology Today describes mindfulness as a state of active, open attention on the present. The core concept around mindfulness is about living in the moment. With all the external distractions in today’s society, mindfulness is about living in the moment and being 100% aware of everything that is happening around you. It is about taking everything in and being aware of all that you are experiencing.


Mindfulness focuses on taking actions in the present without thought about things that have happened in the past or fears of what may happen in the future. Without placing the additional burden on yourself by worrying about past and future actions, being mindful allows you to operate with a clear head and clear thoughts.


Practicing mindfulness can have dramatic effects on your stress levels and general well being. Those who are mindful spend less time stressing over things that may or may not happen. They waste energy on pointless worrying about events they may not eventuate.


How do you increase your mindfulness?


There are traditional ways to increase your mindfulness such as yoga and meditation; however, you can start practicing mindfulness within your everyday life whilst performing simple tasks.


Next time you take a walk, simply focus on enjoying everything around you and clear your mind of external thoughts. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee each morning before your day and appreciate what surrounds you – whether it is your garden, children, pets or simply the comfort of your own home.


Find the time each day to dedicate to practicing mindfulness – even if just for 5 minutes – and dedicate it to the health and well being of your body, mind and soul.



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