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The Bottrell team are experts and specialists in several industries. Four key industries we have prolific experience in legal, real estate, hospitality, community support and franchising. However, we are not limited to these industries, we also have vast experience in the construction and mining industry, to name a few.

Our team of accounting, business growth and media specialists can help expand your business to new levels. Whether you require monthly, quarterly or annual accounting assistance and financial advice, or are looking to increase engagement on social media and develop a new website to increase your online presence, our diverse team can help!

Accounting Real Estate

The Real Estate Industry presents many unforeseen problems, such as the variable property market, and global market problems. We understand the industry, why not get Bottrell on your side?

Hospitality Specialists Newcastle

With extensive hospitality experience in assisting clients, the Bottrell team can allow you to realise your business goals. With a proactive approach to business solutions and advice, Bottrell is for you!

Newcastle Legal Accounting

Bottrell Group are experienced in audit and annual compliance requirements of legal trust accounts. We can also assist with marketing and accounting tasks for firms of all sizes. Get in touch today!

Franchise Accounting

Franchising can present positive business growth. However, as a big decision, they need to be planned and considered extensively. Invest with confidence on your side, learn how Bottrell can assist!

Your Local Industry Experts (1)
Community Accounting

Bottrell has assisted community based businesses for several years. With vast experience in several sub-sectors, such as health, disability and child care, find out how Bottrell can propel your business!


Don’t fear if your industry isn’t outlined above. Bottrell has established numerous teams of specialists who can actively contribute to your business. With a vast array of knowledge and skills amongst the accounting, financial, business growth and media sectors, our team are more than willing to take on a challenge – so don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team are dedicated to understanding each of our clients sectors and the unique aspects that build each. Whether you need day-to-day accounting, financial planning, media assistance, orĀ anything in between, Bottrell will provide the assistance your business needs.