Project Refresh- ATO modernising public rulings

The ATO says that it has produced a large number of public rulings over many years. Although most are current, many have not been updated in a very long time.

Project Refresh is its initiative to address this by modernising its database.

The aim of modernising its stock of public rulings under Project Refresh is to ensure they are up-to-date.

It is not to change the ATO view expressed in the ruling, where the ATO view is still current.

Taxpayers and their advisers should have no doubts about the currency of the ATO’s view, and what law that view is based upon.

It will also be looking to review the examples in its rulings, so they remain contemporary and reflect current business practices.

Project Refresh will initially focus on public rulings more than five years old.

The ATO has identified many that require remedial treatment and some that should be withdrawn completely, becaus4e they are no longer relevant.

Treatments will range from light touch (for example updating old legislative references), to heavy reworking (for example public rulings with related subject matter that can be consolidated into a new single ruling).

The progress of Project Refresh will be updated each month.

The ATO will list the public rulings identified for refresh, and indicate any action being considered. Note that these lists will be indicative only.

Possible actions will include:

  • Withdrawal;
  • Update;
  • Rewrite; or
  • Consolidation with related public rulings.

Ref: ATO Website- Project Refresh

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