Social media and Business Launching

Social media and Business Launching


 Social media and Business Launching

When starting out you need all the help you can get – and this is where social media is the handiest tool of the 21st century for new business start-ups.

  1. Everyone is on it

Well, mostly everyone, Social Media News states 62.5% of the 24 million Australians have a facebook account – that’s 15 million facebook users in Australia! That’s potential customers right there.

  1. It allows you to connect directly to your customers

Need some market research? Want to know what your customers think? Ask them! Once you have built your network, you have the ability to connect directly to your customers.

  1. Networking

Social media makes networking a breeze with like-minded business and affiliate partnerships. Get connecting, liking and commenting!

  1. It’s Visual

Social media helps you put your business in its best light. With numerous filters on hand and tips on how to take the best photograph, you are never shy of help on hand.

  1. It’s Free!

Social media does have a paid advertising option, however, you don’t need to use it. It is free to open your business accounts and get networking and sharing your business completely free of charge. Work on word of mouth social media referrals first without spending a penny.

The more ways your customers have to find you, the more likely they will find you!

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