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Marketing for new businesses

What is marketing? Marketing is more than just advertising. It’s a concentrated effort to get your business across to the customer by pushing it from every angle. Marketing involves the product itself, branding, price points, where you sell it and the way you promote it. There’s an old marketing principle that says customers need to […]

The ATO’s new approach to dispute resolution

The ATO’s new approach to dispute resolution According to the Commissioner of Taxation, Chris Jordan, the ATO has put in place a number of strategies to resolve disputes as early as possible, in a way that is “less painful, less costly and better for participation in the system in the long run”. “We’ve also increased […]

Benefits of A Facebook Account for your Business

What is Facebook? Facebook is probably the best known of the social networking sites. Created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends, originally as a way for students at Harvard University to get to know each other, it’s now believed to have over a billion active users. Some of its functionality – such as […]