Top 3 Social Media Tips

Top 3 Social Media Tips


Top 3 Social Media Tips


Creating a social media presence is one thing – but gaining a loyal following that is effective in converting leads to paying customers is another.

There are a few staple tips to cross off your checklist to ensure you are engaging your social media followers effectively and maximising your chance of converting them to future, ongoing customers.

  1. Share relevant content

If you are in the hairdressing business, share content that is relevant to your industry – the area in which you are a factual powerhouse. Share your expertise in a fun and engaging way so your followers benefit from your wisdom.

  1. Don’t oversell

As a general rule of thumb, work of an 80% to 20% ratio of 80% fun and general interest to 20% business-based. Oversell and you will quickly turn off your customers.

  1. Engage

Don’t just post and forget. Work on building your networks, engaging with other like-minded and local businesses, answering messages and commenting on others’ posts. Be an active participant in social media, not a passive one.

Social media is an ever growing and evolving beast, so keep on top of it to ensure you aren’t left behind.

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