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Vend is a cloud-based retailing management platform that allows users to easily sell to their customers over a web-based point of sale. It also provides users with an e-commerce solution, enabling them to set up an online store and manage it centrally. Users are able to quickly add products, meet orders and track sales through Vend’s online software. Vend also provides a number of additional features to users, including loyalty programs, customer services, and specific functions for improving customer relationship and inventory management. This program is compatible with a various software, including:
• Accounting – Xero and Quickbooks
• Inventory management – Stitch Labs
• Business analytics – Swarm
• Scheduling and Management – Timely and Deputy
Vend provides a number of advantages for users, including that: it is accessible, as users only require an internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari; it works even when users are offline; it integrates with most hardware; it is affordable; data is stored on secure servers; users do not have to order any upgrades or maintenance, as these are performed automatically.
Vend does have some disadvantages, however, as it does not allow for management of employees; it cannot handle or account for cash; it processes the sale of items that may not be in stock; data reporting is relatively non-existent; and users must pay extra for customer service, which can be quite expensive.
If you would like assistance with Vend, please give us a call on 49336888 or send an email to to schedule an appointment.

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