Xero Me App

Xero App – Xero have released the Xero Me App. This mobile application was designed for Xero users, employees and managers, giving them the ability to view their details, apply for leave and view payslips and process timesheets, all at the tip of their fingers.

Managers are able to use Xero Me to view, manage and action leave requests all from their mobile phone or tablet device. Xero Me then transfers all of the approved leave into a calendar allowing the managers to easily access all of the staff leave in one simple step.

Employees using the Xero Me app benefit through the ease of submitting leave requests and receiving notice when it has been approved or denied. The app has also allowed for Timesheet submission to be completely simplified, giving the capability for timesheets to be posted anywhere at any time.

For a business that uses Xero for payroll the app proves to be highly valuable for both the business owner and employees. By creating this application for Xero customers it has allowed for the users to simplify their payroll, leave and timesheets processes.

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