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YouTube Live

You can now go live in YouTube and promote your business straight to your website!

YouTube live is a new feature from the site which enables viewers the chance to see what’s happening at the exact point in time. You can chat live during the stream, stop and start it and have the content inserted directly onto your website during or after the stream.


When you want to create a live stream on YouTube, you have three options. Stream now lets you create a live stream in a few easy steps. Events lets you choose between Quick and Custom.

Stream now is a quick and easy way to go live. Start sending content and we’ll automatically start and stop the stream for you at the right time.

Events gives you greater control of the live stream. You can preview before you go live, you have backup redundancy streams, and you can start and stop the stream when you want.

Mobile lets you stream from the main YouTube app. After a mobile live stream ends, an archive of the stream is saved to your channel and you have the option to edit the privacy setting (including setting it to private) or delete the archive.


Take advantage encode feature and promote your business, here’s how to do it:

  1. Configure encoder(s) for live event at least 2 hours in advance.
  2. Start encoder(s) at least 15 minutes before event is scheduled to start.
  3. Before clicking Start Streaming, check the preview in Live Control Room.
  4. Test encoder failover (if applicable). Stop the primary encoder (or unplug its Ethernet cable) and make sure the player rolls over to backup encoder.
  5. Verify the integrity of all local archive files. Check that file size of local archive is growing.
  6. Verify that the event is accessible via channel and watch pages.
  7. Verify that the event is accessible via mobile devices (if applicable).
  8. Continuously monitor stream(s) for A/V quality, audio sync, and audio levels.
  9. After your event has stopped on YouTube, stop the encoder.


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