8 Ideas for accelerating your business.

  • Invest in a CRM – A good Customer Relationship Management system streamlines your contact with customers and houses data about their personal information, interests and needs, giving you valuable insights and data about your users. Using a CRM that includes marketing automation will provide even more benefits, letting you send out marketing emails and build landing pages.


  • Automate processes – Automating as many processes as possible will save time when you have limited resources. Automating things like data entry will free up time that you can then spend on higher value tasks.

  • Focus on your customer – Always try to see your business from the customer’s perspective – delivering a great customer experience is vital for getting great word of mouth and more repeat customers. It’s also vitally important to deliver top tier customer support – you can do this by making customer issues a priority and having a quick response time for issues.


  • Take advantage of digital marketing – Create a business page on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter and post content to show potential customers what you have to offer and who you are. This will start building up a relationship with potential customers and is free to do.



  • Focus on your competitive advantage – Highlight why customers should choose you over competitors and make it very clear. This will give them incentive to choose you! Focus on these areas in your communications with customers & marketing.


  • Get testimonials and reviews – Potential customers trust another customer’s recommendation far more than your own, so ask satisfied customers to write a review. It will generate conversation about your business and give customers incentive to choose you.



  • Emphasise benefits rather than features – When telling people about your business or advertising, explain how your product or service will help them rather than focusing on what it does. People want to hear about how their life could be made easier, so learn to speak in a way that emphasises benefits.


  • Give back to your community – Building brand awareness by being active in your local community is a great way to show your target audience who your business is and that you are committed to the local community. You could do this by participating in a community event or sponsoring a local team.
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