Motivating Staff

Motivating Staff


How to Motivate Staff

The Top 5 Ways to Motivate your Staff for Long-Term Productivity

Finding and maintaining happy staff can seem like an unachievable task. With the focus on the big issues such as productivity and bottom lines, employers can unintentionally look over the small things that can make a big difference to a staff member’s day.

However the reality is, one happy day after another, leads to another happy week, to another happy year and before you know it, you have long term staff with steadfast company loyalty.

But where do you start? We’ve compiled a quick 4 things you can implement ASAP to start on your way to a motivated workforce.

  1. Reward good work!

It’s so simple isn’t it? When a staff member does a good job – tell them! Positive reinforcement is not a dying concept. Just like toddlers love to be praised so do adults, especially when it is well deserved and the result of hard work and dedication. If your team reaches their KPIs – celebrate the win! Shout lunch, give them an hour early mark – it’s the small things that make a difference.

  1. Build a workplace that oozes creativity and positivity

It is amazing what a splash of colour and personal touches can do to an office space. Give the walls a coat of new paint, create some creativity corners for staff to meet and discuss upcoming projects, encourage staff to personalise their working spaces with picture of family, pets or hobbies. Make your work place feel like an extension of their home – somewhere they feel happy and surrounded by positivity.

  1. Lead by example

Be the boss that isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Get in there amongst your staff and contribute to the work at the core of the business you have created. Be accessible – always keep your door open and be available to staff. Your staff will be motivated if they feel their opinions are heard and valued.

  1. Be firm yet flexible

Life happens. Every day. The key is to be flexible in your approach to the work/life balance of your employees. Discuss boundaries and expectations with your staff to ensure they know you value their lives outside of work but expect the same in return. Build the trust with your staff and you will receive the benefit in spades.

Start simple to see big rewards.

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