Company Culture

Company Culture


How a Positive Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation


Happy workers work harder.


Happy employees are more motivated to work harder, are more productive, more harmonious in their colleague relationships and experience reduced turnover and absenteeism. Sounds wonderful – but how do you reach this elusive positive company vibe?


A recent survey conducted by the Fair Work Commission surveyed over 3000 employers and 7800 employees in regards to their levels of job satisfaction.


Results showed high levels of job satisfaction and an intent of employees to stay with their current employer. A dominant theme amongst satisfied workers was the flexibility to balance work and non-work commitments. Those employers committed to developing a positive company culture that encourages and supports flexible working conditions benefit from a happier workforce and consequently, a more productive workforce.


A good company culture doesn’t happen overnight. It is something that must be developed and implemented at management level with an active commitment to company philosophy that is seen on a daily basis by staff.


Once established, work on it every day. Happiness is infectious, even within the workplace. Ensure your management team are your company culture trailblazers that encourage their staff to follow.


So this year, take the time and resources to invest in developing a company culture framework and share it with your staff. Celebrate productivity, celebrate the wins and share the burden of the lows, face the challenges as a team and support your staff to achieve balance in their working and personal lives.


Create a happy and positive culture within your company and the good results will follow.

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