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Bottrell Business – Experts in the Hospitality Industry

Bottrell Business Consultants are experts in the Hospitality Industry.

We can provide a vast array of services to help your business. These include :

  • Monthly financial management reporting
  • Budget comparisons
  • Industry benchmark comparisons
  • Assistance with business growth
  • Cashflow forecasts

Our constant monitoring of your financial performance allows us to monitor your business and get feedback on the effectiveness of business actions or current settings, and identify areas that may need closer attention or require changes to the business activity to improve financial performance.

This is very useful where there are continuous opportunities to change business activities – such as change in menu, advertising methods, rates, promotions (bundles etc.) – so that you can monitor the effectiveness of the variations in business activity and in the costs associated with that activity that has been used.

Our work can involve us setting up accounts and account structures in consultation with you that are more useful from a management perspective, and then organising the bookkeeping procedures and systems to match a more useful reporting structure for you.

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