Effective Teams

Effective Teams


Effective Teams


All successful business owners have a great team at their core. Good leaders understand that they are only as good as their weakest link, so they work to build a powerhouse team that is supportive, efficient and productive.

In order to build a good team, there are two key things that need to happen first.

Know your business

The key to building an effective team is to firstly know your business. What are you specialising in? What people do you need to match your offerings? How many people do you need to serve your clients well? Good leaders are in touch with their business and what it needs to be productive and to keep their team happy.


Know your staff

By getting to know your staff you will have a better chance of building an effective, respectful and productive team. Employees work more productively when their work is valued, recognised and appreciated.

If you work behind closed doors you are encouraging uncooperative work. However building a cooperative and collaborative culture will lead to a body of staff that value being a part of your team for the long run.

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