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Home Office Expenses

When determining what items are tax deductible you may come across many costs that you are uncertain about. One of the deductions which may be in question is Home office expenses. Some of the expenses you can claim for your home office could include phone bills, office equipment (computers, printer and phone) and even cleaning expenses.


All of these deductions are based on certain circumstances, some of which particular businesses may not be eligible for.


See detailed list of claimable items below:

  • Occupancy expenses such as rent, mortgage interest, rates, land taxes and house insurance premiums (but only in limited circumstances, see below)
  • Running expenses such as:
    • Home office equipment, including computers, printers and telephones. You can claim the full cost (for items costing up to $300) or the decline in value (for items costing $300 or more). If you’re self-employed, you may be able to immediately write-off equipment costing up to $20,000
    • Work-related phone calls (including mobiles) and phone rental. You can claim a portion reflecting the share of work-related use of the line if you can show you are on call, or have to phone your staff, employer, customers or clients regularly while you are away from your workplace
    • Heating, cooling and lighting
    • Costs of repairs to your home office furniture and fittings
    • Cleaning expenses
  • Computer consumables, stationery, telephone and internet costs claimed on an actual expense basis.


To determine the amount that can be claimed for your home office expenses the ATO have an accurate expense calculator that can be located on the below link.

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